January 5, 2013

Saturday is the fail day.

I had a wonderful day planned!  First a parkrun at 9am, then mountain biking at Afan - hopefully to have a go at the epic Wall 2

On Friday I did Cardio at the gym with Geraint, which killed me as it always does.  We used to only do Cardio, then switched to weights, but decided to throw in a second session this week and make it Cardio.

The cardio routine at the moment is as follows:

Cross Trainer
 3 minutes on 8
2 minutes on 20
 keep above 100
repeat 4 times 
(20 minutes)

walk for 30 seconds
run for 20 seconds
10 seconds of transition
repeat 10 times
(12 minutes with 2 minutes walk warm up and down)

Row 2,000 meters as fast as you can
(10 minutes)

Running kills me, and might actually be easier outside because you spend most of the time raising and lowering the speed. 

I've also tried to cut down on bread after Christmas and eat more protein and veggies - I had a healthy dinner of chicken and potatoes and salad, then an early night with no drinking (2 weeks no beer - detox!).  All in prep for my awesomely sporty day of running and biking!


and I woke up this morning with SARS.  Okay, maybe it's not SARS, but I'm not good at being sick. I get man flu.

I did nothing but watch 5 episodes of Dr. Who and moan and drink Lemsip tea and moan. This SARS is the worst.

Hopefully on Monday I'll be fixed enough to try running with the Cardiff Tri group - that might actually kill me.  But until then I shall moan about my sore throat and grumpy tummy.  Oh (wo)man flu!

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