January 23, 2013


I havent done anything fitness at all for 2 days and I have eaten the most boring food.

This blog is about exercise and food, and I have done neither! So what do I write about?




My housemates and I have gone splitsies on a Turbo Trainer, which is basically an expensive piece of kit that turns expensive outdoor bikes into stationary bikes.   Because apparently it will never ever stop snowing, ever.

This youtube video is kind of funny!  If you do cycling that is:

Tomorrow is my last day on Camp (which is away with work, because my work involves Camps).  Then I have a 3 day weekend! Horray!

Time for bed so I can wake up tomorrow and do weights or cardio or swimming or swimming and weights and cardio!

There is no way I'll do all 3.

I may sleep instead.

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