January 31, 2013

Thursday Training in non-rainy Wrexham

I managed to get out for a run this morning, the first mile was pretty fast and awesome.  I ran a strange loop around and in a local park, where I came across this somewhat muddy football pitch

I only ran 2.5 miles, the first mile was a decent 10 minutes, the second mile was an into the wind 12, and the third half was 5.5 minutes.  almost 30 minutes of jogging/running.  At some point, I need to learn to run longer.  Some point before the Cardiff Half Marathon I entered!!

After the run I treated myself to some rye-vita and Boursin cheese.  How do they make Boursin cheese sooo good?!  I don't know but I could eat it all day every day.  I don't though, because that would make me super massive.

In the afternoon I had a cheeky chance to use a real gym, and I jumped at the opportunity for an hour log weights set.  I'm getting better and better at my pushups, I can do 10 lame ones or about 3 full ones. I'm still working on the pull-ups but I can do pull-ups at 30% - where I go down to a 130 degree angle or so (180 being the top and 90 being a right angle).  Actually there's go to be some better math for that.

but still - too much math for exercise!

I did my new weights routine, which I will post at a later date, but it is a good one!  I also added some extra core work like leg lifts and crunches.

The sun has actually come out as well - the afternoon was lovely! 
Wales is so pretty when the sun is out!

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