January 18, 2013

Frozen Friday

It is Cold.

In Cardiff it 0 degrees at the moment.  I think it's about 8 degrees in my house.  I'm tucked against my radiator, typing in my small room with my door closed because I imagine that keeps more heat in.

Yesterday it snowed for the first time this winter, causing underwhelming travel disruptions and an office closure where I work.  Luckily I have a laptop and a blackberry, which means I can work anywhere, anytime.  Even at 6pm at the pub.  I guess that's progress...

In the meantime, for those with days off, The Pear Tree Cardiff had a little competition on twitter to make a snowman and win tappas.  My housemates were well suited to the task, as each of them had a day off work.  With a few hours effort they created this beauty:

Excitingly they won!  So we'll be headed to The Pear Tree next week to reap our tapas reward, and I may even be hungry enough to eat one of my favorite burgers in Cardiff - the Pear Tree House Special: A burger topped with Dragons breath cheese made with Ale and JalapeƱos.  Yum!

In the evening I tried to go to a Yin Yoga class from All Roots Yoga.  Unfortunately it was snowed out, and so instead we headed to town for a cheeky pint at Fire Island (I had a delicious Beatbox from Tiny Rebel).  Finally I made it to NoFitState for their new Drop-in Aerial Conditioning, which kicked my ass (or legs, or stomach, and especially arms) thoroughly   I shall definitely return, as I've now edited my goals list to include:

2013 GOALS:

Do 10 Pushups (I can now do 2!)
Do a pull-up 
Do a handstand
Do a tuck through to pike:
It's really hard.

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  1. Are those Andy's or Ben's clothes on the snowman (snowperson?)