January 3, 2013

Core strength and silks training at NoFitState Circus.

Core strength is one of my weakest areas.  I've been dabbling in some silly circus skills for about a year now, but I'm not getting that much better.  A lot of the tricks I want to do involve climbing ropes, lifting legs, and having excellent core strength so I can do things like this:

At the Moment, I mostly do this:
Yes, that's me at the end of "Scarab" I think.

So the point is, I can either try to do new tricks, or I can get stronger, or I can weigh less (less to lift) and a combination of the last two will probably bring me the quickest improvement (be stronger and weigh less) though with Christmas and my love of all things chocolate, I may just focus on "stronger" for now.  In January I start the silks class again, and we'll see how far I've get (or how far I can fall) then.

So how am I getting stronger?  With this


Leg Lowers - until failure (4 sets)

Hanging Knee Raises - until failure (4 sets)
Crunches - until failure (4 sets)
Bicycle Crunches - until failure (4 sets)
Plank - 30 seconds (4 sets)

And that's it!  Plank is pretty much the hardest thing in the world.  Some people travel to the moon, and some people fight wars, and some people solve complex math problems, but people who can do strong planks for long periods of time.... well those are people.

So anyways, maybe I'll do this workout soon.  But until then, here's a video of me doing my only trick on arial ropes, and doing it rather sloppily.  Enjoy!

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  1. I have to agree, plank is tough. I'm not sure whether it's tougher on my arms (deltoids in particular) or tummy.

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