January 16, 2013

Aerial Ropes & Silks at NoFitState Circus

Yesterday marked my less-than-triumphant return to aerial ropes and silks at NoFitState Circus.

I call it less-than-triumphant because apparently doing no Circus things for 2 months did not improve my circus-ing that much.  But I think I am close to being better - just not quite there yet.  My arms ache today and I was rubbish during my weights session this morning, but at least I'm back in the classes again!

NoFitState are behind a number of amazing projects in Cardiff and in the UK.  People who are really good do amazing shows like this:

My teacher who is really good does things like this:

And the rest of us learn.  We learn by watching and trying.  The class only had 3 people in it, which is an amazing opportunity for learning new skills with lots of help from professionals.

AJ is my circus-bestie, she and I both took an intro class last January, but she has continued for a whole year while I've dropped in and out of classes.  Here's AJ learning a trick way more advanced than what I can do:

Circus is amazing, but Circus with a Circus-Bestie is even more amazing.

The great thing about Circus is that you can tell people you take Circus classes!  And everyone says "circuits?" and you say "No, CIRCUS!" and they don't really get it.

The other great thing is that it's full of awesome people.  Imagine the kind of people who do Zumba but upside down.  Or the kind of people who think "Pull ups?  I wonder if I could do that on a trapeze!"  Circus classes are more fun than pretty much any other classes.  Don't get me wrong, I love yoga classes, and I love swimming lessons, and I love my cycling sessions too, but I don't smile half as much in all of those combined as I do in Circus.

So if you live in Cardiff I would recommend you go to NoFitState NOW and sign up for a class.  Or do drop-in.  I was in Unicycle Lessons for a while - those were sweet.  On Friday I'm probably going to Aerial Conditioning, which is just going to hurt so much.  

But I bet I'll smile a lot too.

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