January 30, 2013

Hotel Gym - a little room of doom at an otherwise suitable Ramada

I'm away with work again! I got in yesterday, which meant a day of no excercise as I got in at 11pm

This morning I woke up with the best of intentions.  I was delayed slightly by some technical problems, but managed to get to the gym for a quick 45 minute session

I nearly flew downstairs, excited at what i might find!  Will it be a big room? Will there be a rowing machine   Will there be free weights? bars? something I can practice pull-ups on?

I excitingly pushed through the first set of double doors, and found a small hallway leading to the jacuzzi room

It was distinctly average 

There was an unmarked door.

When I entered my heart fell.  To me, it was what I would expect to find if a real gym burned down and only 3 pieces were saved.

I hopped on the treadmill first, a rickety old thing that shook a lot as I tried to run. I ran for 5 minutes.

I got a phone call that took 20 minutes

I decided to try the bicycle, but the seat was broken.  I tried to cycle, but it was too uncomfortable.  I tried to fix the seat (lower it) but it was stuck

The room had no windows and no vents, and it was getting warm.  I tried to turn on the air conditioning but nothing worked.  I propped open the door.

I ran for 5 more minutes.

And then I left.

I know I'll need to figure out how to deal with bad equipment if I'm going to travel and train, but I was so excited to see the gym and so sad with what I found that it took me a good 4 hours to get over the disappointment 

Maybe tomorrow I'll find some internet lists of hotel room workouts.  And if it's not raining in the morning I'll go for a run in this delightful north/mid-wales town....

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