February 1, 2013

Friday Cardio

Today was the kind of day where I had too much to do.

I woke up at 6:30, and started doing work.  I had intended to do something athletic, but since I hadn't gotten a chance to try the breakfast at this hotel I decided to sit and enjoy a breakfast instead.  I like being at hotels because I can order picky food - for instance I had boiled eggs with smoked salmon this morning.  Yum.  And rye vita and Boursin.  Extra yum.  600 calories of breakfast later I was too full to go to the gym

So I did work, and work, and work.

At about 1pm I had a stressful series of interactions and I started to get wound up.  I could have kept working - there was a lot more to do - but I thought it would do me good to take a few minutes away and go to the gym instead.  So I snuck out for a bit and found a local gym where I was able to do the following:


Elliptical for 20 minutes on level 7, 5 minutes forward and 5 minutes backwards
Running intervals - 20 seconds at 11 to 13.5 within 1 minute intervals
Rower - 2000 meteres at level 8 as fast as possible (pretty slow - took me 12 minutes)
Stair climber - start at level 4.  Increase by 1 level every 20 seconds until you can't bear it anymore.

And that was my routine - it took an hour and I left feeling energized and revived.  I got more work done and felt good about things.  It goes to show that when I think I have too much to do to work out maybe sometimes I am just not working well because I *haven't* worked out.

I also ate a very bizarre dinner which was Bolognese on chicken breast.  But it was kind of delicious.  When I'm away with work I'm trying to cut out most bread/grain so pasta and rice were out.  But to be honest it was quite tasty!

And now it's 10:30 and I'm exhausted!  So tomorrow is it a run day or a weights day?  Only time will tell!!

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