February 28, 2013

Thursday Meanders in Cardiff

I am good at lots of things.  I am not good at relaxing.  I like doing things and I like being on the move and I like accomplishing things and I like making plans.

I struggle to do nothing. 

But sometimes I have to do nothing. On Monday afternoon I did not feel well.  Nor did I feel well on Tuesday, so I came home from work and did nothing.  On Wednesday I felt worse. 

But today I had the day off work, and I relaxed.  I cycled into town quite leisurely at 11am, and took this accidental photo while playing with my phone:

(One should not play with phones while cycling.  It is very bad form)

There were a number of stalls up in Cardiff for St. Davids Day.  I couldn't resist buying 4 hot welsh cakes for £1:

And while in town I stopped at Certini - the Bike Store under House of Fraiser.  The ever helpful staff helped me pick out a new helmet, and I cycled it home to get final Brewer Half approval.

There is something a bit odd about carrying a helmet on the back of a bicycle. 

And now I'm home, and relaxing while blogging and watching the sun set out my window. 

Also, It's still light at 5:30, which is a sure sign spring is coming.  And yes - I'm still wearing my Awesome Hat inside - because I love a good hat!

So I didn't manage to do nothing today - but I did manage to relax a bit and get my mind off work. In an hour I have thursday yoga with Tori - I don't want to risk illness by jumping back into swimming or climbing but I think Yoga is a good mid ground for relaxation and recovery.

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