February 10, 2013

Cardiff Parkrun - take Four!

On Saturday morning I did my 4th Cardiff ParkRun.  There were a number of things going for me for this one...

1. it was not raining, icy, or snowing
2. I was not hungover at all, I hadn't even had a beer the previous night
3. I got enough sleep
4. I recently lied about my PB and want to get the PB that I lied about.*

So we got to park run, whistle blew, and off we went!

I had my best run yet, 28:53!  I averaged 9:40 a mile, and got my fastest 2 miles ever at 18:23


I even had a bit left for my sprint finish, even though at the end I kind of felt like I was going to pass out, I knew I already had my timing chip so it was worth it.

Here is a photo of happy stinky me at the end!

Horray!  One of these days I'll have to run a bit further... but at least all my gym-based intervall stuff seems to be getting results when it comes to actually running!

And then I came home and had a bagel as my treat, with Tescos finest mackerel (it's like poor person salmon!  yum!) and egg.  Om nom breakfast!

*I said I could do it in 27 minutes. 28:50 is not 27:00, but at least it's closer than my previous best of 30:00!

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