February 23, 2013

Cardiff Parkrun - take five.

Today I ran my fifth park run.

I was quite excited in the morning - everything seemed right. I had slept enough, I woke up early enough, I wasn't hungover, things were looking good.

I took a position closer to the front than usual, trying to get spurred on by the other faster people.  Last time I ran a 28:50, I was hoping I could get even quicker this week.

My pace felt good for the first mile, and even for the second.  I could tell I started to go a bit slower but there's a stretch I dread, the slow stretch, and I think I ran out of people to pace me, no one I wanted to chase was in front of me and the girl behind me seemed to be pacing off me.

I felt good still, and not out of breath.  I did manage to overtake 3 people towards the end, but I didn't manage a sprint finish and I didn't feel like I was going to die at the end.  But when I got my time I was still disappointed - 29:30.

Then I realized that only 3 months ago I dreamed of going under 30 minutes, and eight years ago it took me 40 minutes.   The first 10 minute mile I ran was the last 10 minute mile for 5 years - and now I was disappointed because I did 9:05, 9:48 and 9:51 consecutively.

I look a little defeated in my post race photo - but I should have been elated.  Sometimes I get so focused on the goal that I forget the progress.  

And my stupid goal really is to run a 27 minute 5k.  And then a 25 minute one.  

But my real goal is to keep running.  And running.  Because I won't get better at anything unless I keep trying!

Here's the strava of the run:

Tomorrow I'm going out with Ajax again - 60 mile bike ride.  It's been 2 months and I'm somewhat scared.  I'll report back tomorrow, wish me luck!

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