February 25, 2013

5 Good Things Monday! (and an adoration of Fresh Baguette Bar in Cardiff)

Today was an awesome day!

1.   I made it to the gym at 7:15 and was ready to work out when Geraint got there at 7:30.  He showed me the new weights routine and it is AWESOME! It's got 4 sets of 4 things and you do each set twice and it's just brilliant.  My pushups are getting better! My pull ups are getting worse.  But I am feeling awesome!

2.   I made an epic pasta dish for dinner.  It was all the veg and all the herbs and also olives and pasta and it was delicious.

3.   I wore this mega cool hat all afternoon:

4.   I managed 12 miles of commuter cycling on my road bike.  Clip shoes make me feel like a speed machine.

5.   We had a lunch buffet at work from Fresh.  In case you did not know what the best sandwich shop in Cardiff is, it is FRESH.
The thing with Gareth (who is the owner of Fresh) is that he takes things I could eat anytime and makes them into DELICIOUS THINGS I WANT TO EAT ALL THE TIME.  We had an amazing selection of sandwiches today, including salmon and cream cheese, mixed veg and spread-y cheese, brie and grape (YUMMY) and more.  AND MORE!

Since moving to the UK I find often my sandwich choices are either ham and cheese or cheese and pickle.  But at FRESH my choices are UNLIMITED!  For instance, look at this photo of a baguette that I stole from the internet:
See in this photo Gareth saw a chicken baguette and said "I can do better!"

And he did!  He added crackling and veg and seasonings.  Today we had pea and garlic soup too - immense!  And on Wednesday I'm going to have butternut squash soup, which is also going to be immense!

Anyways, those are 5 awesome things that happened today.  A workout, a pasta dish, a hat, a bike ride, and a sandwich.  

Yeah, my life is pretty sweet.

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