February 21, 2013

Hotel Gym Workouts - avoiding the eventual boredom

While sometimes a hotel gym fills me with excitement, sometimes I cant bear to run on a treadmill facing a wall and getting nowhere.  Or use the elliptical - the machine that reminds me of obesity.  The rower is okay, for a while, but something always hurts.  Stair climber, euch.

And that's it, that's a gym.  the introduction of weights to my programme was an awesome inspiration for more gym ideas.  But even though all I need is bars and barbells, sometimes gyms don't have bars.

The gym I'm in has a wonderful set of machines for weights, but no barbells.  And sometimes I run out of inspiration.

So I'm going to collect some of my favorite gym workouts in one easy place!

1) NERD FITNESS - 20 minute Hotel room workout

2) ....?

I thought this would be easier but there aren't that many gym workouts made for people who like fun workouts and don't like faffing with lots of different weights or trying to figure out the proper technique for a dumbell bicep curl.  I can still do most of my cardio routines in the gym, like CARDIO 2 and MIND CLEARING CARDIO.

I'm not sure why I'm trying to reinvent the wheel... or the routine.

Today I ran a mile in the morning
Then I did intervall training (3 mins @7, 2 mins @20) on the elliptical

Later I'm thinking about doing 10 minute rotations on every cardio machine - 10 minutes is not enough time to get bored... unless I'm running... maybe I'll do 5 on the treadmill :-p

How about another Nike Photo?

What's your favourite hotel gym excercise?

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