February 6, 2013

Wednesday Workout!

On Tuesday night I made a less than triumphant return to ropes and silks at NoFitState circus.  It was okay, I'm getting stronger, but I'm not getting any more coordinated and that's the real problem.

On Wednesday I did Cardio 2 with Geraint again, and I it is awesome again.  I'm actually doing it AGAIN tomorrow!

The super-awesome news is that I can do 10 lame pushups in a row now!  This is super awesome.  At the gym I yelled "watch this!" and then did 10 Pushups.  If you want to look like a douche at the gym yell "Watch this!" and then do pushups.

Also I've now managed to lose about 4 pounds since Christmas time, which is pretty sweet.  I've decided when I go away with work I'm going to call it "fat camp" and I'll eat very little and exercise lots.  Then when I get home I'll eat normal and exercise normal.  While I know exercise is very important for losing weight, at the end of the day I think eating is far more important, because one can quickly eat way more calories than exercise can burn.

Speaking of eating, someone nicely dropped off a massive box of chocolate bars at my work the other day.  I love eggs, but I've been told not to eat too many.  However, I was never told not to eat too many cadbury cream eggs!  Those things are amazing!

Today I mixed it up and ate a dairy milk bar.  I had to try it, it was a new shape!

And I'm still addicted to hot chocolate.  Especially Aero hot chocolate.  

but Cadbury Highlights is pretty good as well...

I have no idea how I lost 4 pounds.  More chocolate please!!!

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