February 2, 2013

Really Awesome Weights Routine TWO!

Today I had a truly excellent workout.

I've started to get really into this idea of Strength Training.  I think it's because often my "hobbies" are more cardio based - like cycling, or mountain biking, or hiking, or even running (which is not so much a hobby but a think i try to do sometimes).

There is something fun about going to the gym and throwing around weights and looking awesome and seeing yourself get stronger.

I used a 10kg bar today for bicep curls and it was too light.  I did my 10 sets easy.

Tonight I used a guest gym at DW fitness. Saturday night at 7pm is an odd time to go to the gym, and the floor was full of muscle people, but I didn't care.  I did my totally awesome weights routine 2, which is the new workout Geraint and I do (the old one is HERE)


Rower: 500 Meter Sprint

Deadlift (25kg bar) 15 sets
Box Step Ups (5kg) 10 each side
Weighted Squats (10kg) 10 squats

Dumbbell Chest Press (10kg each) 10 sets
TRX Chest Press (10)
Press Ups (10)

Clean and Press (15kg bar) 10 sets
Bent Over Rows (15kg bar) 10 sets
Kettle-bell Swing (8kg) 20 swings

Bicep Curls (12.5kg) 10 sets
Upright Row (12.5kg) 10 sets
Chin Ups (10 or however many I can do)

Leg lifts (15)
Crunches (15)
Plank (60 seconds)

Repeat twice

I love this routine.  I love how it puts 3 exercises together and I love how I get to lift heavy things.  I like the Clean and Press most because it makes me feel awesome.  

This evening I modified it slightly, I didn't do the last core bit but instead did the following:

Modified Core

Leg Lifts (15)
Knee Lifts (15)
Crunches (20)
Plank (30 seconds)

Repeat 4 times

Now I'm tired.  That was a good workout.

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