February 8, 2013

Cardiff Yoga roundup!

Today I finally managed to get to Yoga Class - All Roots Yoga to be precise.  It was Ellie's Yin Yoga class that drew me in - lots of long and deep stretching.  It was, in a word, awesome.  Because I never stretch it was like 75 minutes of mega stretching.  I think if I did it once a week it would cancel out my otherwise never stretching, right?  All Roots offers loads of different classes all around Cardiff, which makes me wonder why I don't actually go to Yoga more often!

Speaking of Yoga, Cardiff is really lucky to have loads of awesome yoga opportunities   Ellie at All Roots is great, but so is Tori of Yoga with Tori.  Tori teaches at Boulders, which was the main reason why I kept my climbing membership so long after I stopped climbing.  She also teaches just down the road from me, and has one of the most relaxing voices I have ever heard.  Tori's relaxation can put me to sleep in 5 minutes, even if my head is going 100 miles an hour (and it usually is!).  Again, why don't I go to yoga more!

Cardiff also has Yoga Fever - a hot yoga studio with loads of classes that I've been meaning to try for about 6 months now.  I shall let you know as soon as I try it, I've heard great things!

I managed to back-to-back my yoga with my weights (not the most brilliant idea, but a day only has about 24 hours), so as soon as I was done blissfully stretching out it was straight to DW to share my mega awesome gym routine 2 with Claire.  Claire was impressed with both my pushups and my pull ups skillz.  Claire can deadlift more than me and uses 17kg for lunges.  Claire and I are both pretty awesome.

And finally, to top of an epic afternoon of active funtimes, my lovely brewer half bought me one of my new favorite beers - Brew Dog's Dead Pony Club
Delicious.  Unfortunately he got thirsty while I was at the gym and drank it, but then he went to the store and bought me another one.  Because he is just nice like that.

Tomorrow is park run - time to get to bed!

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