February 19, 2013

I'm back!

I'm sorry I was gone forever!

As I may have noted, I started a new job in January.  It means I travel a lot.  This has worked out really well for me with healthy eating (lots of tasty options!) and exercise (hotels with nice gyms!)

But somehow, last week, it didn't work out well.  I Left on Monday afternoon... trains were delayed, late arrival.  I stayed up past midnight working.  I woke up too early the next day and was tired.  I ate a lot of bread and cheese.  Timings got changed, things got shuffled, and suddenly it was Thursday and I hadn't eaten healthy and I hadn't gone to the gym.

On Friday and Saturday I had a lovely holiday - and by holiday I mean weekend - in North Wales.  I will tell you more later, but it's flipping beautiful
This week I'm at St. Georges Park, which is England's amazing custom built football centre in Burton on Trent.

This is what the hotel looks like:

And this is what the walk to training looks like:

The sun is out, I made it to the gym today (I did the most ridiculous version of AWESOME WEIGHTS ROUTINE 2 where I only did about 5 reps of everything but I also did 10 minutes of interval training for running where I did 2 minutes walking 1 minute at 8mph.   It was hard.

Anyways, onwards and upwards and more blogs soon!  About hiking! But not biking, I havent ridden a road bike since January.  I may have forgotten how.

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