January 24, 2024

New Things - Movies and movement thoughts.

Andy and I recently started watching films during baby bedtime.  We watch them in 20-30 minute chunks while doing baby feeding & settling.  Two nights ago we finished watching Hidden Figures.  

This movie was great!  Both Andy and I really enjoyed it.  It's hard to find another movie to follow it with - any Disney+ recommendations for us?


Last night the babies only fed once in the night!  This is probably because they have colds now... but waking up at 1:30 and realizing it was the first wake up was pretty cool... but waking up at 6:30 and realizing that they were still asleep was amazing! Also, I checked to make sure they were alive.  They were.  Then they were very hungry about 5 minute later.  Still... I would LOVE this to be a trend... two wake-ups a night is a lot of being awake.  Fingers crossed.


Because I actually slept, and my "winter nasty" has settled into a smokers cough and runny nose, I have had a tiny amount of time to thing about the year/goals.  I really REALLY want to incorporate movement into my days now.  I know I'm far away from a running routine or an hours blast on my mountain bike... but I have to figure out a way to start moving.  I need more than the random back jerking twist of putting babies on feeding pillows and more than the awkward core-collapsing bend of setting two babies into a crib.  

I don't yet know how this will happen... but I did have the realization that I should move my exercise clothes out of my room and into my office, since this is the most likely place exercise will happen.  And the  most likely time is when babies are asleep, which means that I can't get my clothes (since babies sleep in my room).  I am hoping I can use some things I already have to make an exercise clothes & gear storage space in the office - if everything is out in an aesthetically pleasing way I know I'm more likely to use it.  Wish me luck!


I managed to order a very random grocery delivery yesterday.  It included a lot of frozen food, because I didn't foresee myself ever cooking again.  We now have fishcakes and frozen chips and grown up fish fingers.  I have two boxes of natures valley granola bars.  The closet I came to ordering a vegetable is a bag of potatoes.   Someday I will love cooking again.  Today is not that day.


  1. Listen, on Monday night I "cooked" frozen fish and chips in the air fryer and everyone loved it. There's no shame in the frozen food game.

    I swear by keeping all of my workout clothes in our basement gym - so exactly the same as you keeping your workout clothes in the office where you will be working out. I don't have to go somewhere else to change and then to the gym - it all happens in the same place and it's one less step in the process.

    I haven't seen Hidden Figures but I want to so thanks for the reminder!

  2. I loved the movie (and book) of Hidden Figures. So inspirational.

    Listen, I only have two kids - and no infants - I am still SO cranky about having to cook. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY the question remains...what are we going to eat?

  3. Hidden Figures was a great movie! The book, by the way, was a little less exciting but still interesting. However, it definitely did not flow the way that the movie did.

    I will not be the judge of fish fingers, as I often just heat up a potato or two in the microwave and eat it with butter and cheese and call that dinner. We all do what we gotta do. (if I have guests over, I will call that "potato bar" but when it's just me, I call it normal dinner)

  4. My daughter is in the kitchen making dinner for us as we speak. She is making roast chicken and green salad. I love this. She is, however, 27, and this is new. My point is, hang in there, when you're my age, you may have one of your kids cooking for you. Until then, whatever you need to make to get through is absolutely fine. As long as no one starves.

    I like your idea about putting your workout clothes in the office. Maybe start with some gentle yoga videos? Maybe even prenatal yoga, because it would be VERY gentle. Your body has been through a lot. Also, YAY SLEEP!

    I liked Hidden Figures, too. Excellent movie. A recent movie that I liked a lot was The Holdovers, though it is $20 to buy, and it's on Apple and Amazon, not Disney. I also really liked Jules, which is on Amazon.