January 29, 2024

Sunday night ramblings

We survived another weekend. I know that’s not the usual approach to weekends… but unfortunately it’s the current approach  I thought everyone was on the mend from two weeks of disease - lilah was back in nursery on Thursday. Isaac’s runny nose was almost gone. I was sounding less like a 10 pack a day smoker and more like a twenty something after a night out.  Isaac and lilah wanted at home days and mostly played really well together. However… mostly is still some *not* playing well and there were some moment where I wanted to yell “that’s it we are giving all your toys to charity!” I didn’t yell this… I think.

Today (Sunday) Nora woke up sad in the night.  I thought she just had a runny nose but by the morning she had a fever. I guess when you have 6 people in your family fevers circulate for over two weeks? She was the one who so far avoided everything… Audrey has had a runny nose for a few days already. Babies with fevers are very sad. She also was not keen on Calpol (liquid paracetamol) which is insane since it’s basically sugar. Isaac and lilah would cut off their toes if they thought it would get them some calpol.  Nora has also decided she doesn’t like formula, so perhaps she is just a baby who knows what she likes to consume and sees no point in expanding her options.

because she feels so bad, and because I basically don’t/can’t cuddle twins to sleep ever, I am taking pity on her and letting her sleep on me tonight. Which of course means I’m not sleeping tonight. Whenever I try and put her down she wails in sadness. I can also tell the fever isn’t breaking yet. as mean as I am with my cot only baby naps and threats to take toys to the charity shop I still feel sad when a baby is poorly.  Anyways, it’s just gone midnight so I only have 6 hours more of night to wait through, and then 13 hours of day (6am to 7pm is day for me) before she hopefully feels better and everyone can do normal sleeping again.

I have little more to report from the weekend. I took Audrey for a play date with Isaac and lilah and left Nora asleep at home with Andy. Friends came over on Saturday morning. I managed a 20 minute core  video during a baby nap on Saturday. A friend has dropped off a turbo trainer so I can set up my own exercise bike soon. We are now 2 days off 3 months old - the worst of times are almost here! And then… the better of times?

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  1. Ugh, I am sorry the sickness is going around... it's probably hard to have everybody healthy with six people in the house.