January 17, 2024

Things that are good.

I don’t really like the title “what’s saving my life” even though I love those posts. So here are things that are good for me now:

Legends & Lattes. This is a book about an orc who opens a coffee shop. I am not far into it but I am so here for this genre of cosy fiction

Oat Milk Hot Chocolate. I find myself walking babies around in prams a lot these days. I also find myself very tired from very little sleep (last night = 5 hours over 4 distinct sleeps). I also don’t want to drink more than one coffee a day because even though there’s no evidence moderate coffee consumption keeps babies awake, I don’t want to risk it. Hence I pass by coffee shops often and purchase oat milk hot chocolates and figure the sugar will help.  

Nice hand soap! In a recent email newsletter Laura Vanderkam talked about hand washing and argued that if you don’t like washing hands (which I don’t!) try to make it nicer by using nicer soap and hand lotion. I bought nice hand soap, I use warm water, and now I make a point to smell my new lovely soap every time I wash hands. I love a nice smell so this has definitely improved my hand washing experience. 

Disney+ I know this was all the rate in the pandemic but omg does Disney plus have a lot! Andy and I got bored of superstore as our baby feeding and bedtime show so we decided to watch films in 30 minute chunks. We started with my childhood favourite “Spy Hard”.  I loved leslie Neilson films as a tween and some of the humour in this film is timeless. Some is definitely not. It also remind me how insanely male driven films of the 80s were. I’m glad female representation has increased, even if we still have a long way to go.

Wireless ear buds. I love these. I thought they were a gimmick but they are definitely not and I love listening to podcasts while endlessly patting babies to sleep. 

In life  updates, the babies are now sleeping in a crib in our room as they outgrew the bedside cot. We try for at least one nap a day in the crib. They went from waking twice a night to 3 times a night which I am not keen on. Isaac has a virus and was off school with a fever and I definitely have a cold. I will add combining paracetamol and ibproufin to this list of good things as I will need it for today. And probably hot chocolate too.


  1. Leslie Nielsen movies are awesome! We're big fans of Police Squad and the Naked Gun movies.

    Yeah, I remember laughing the first time that I saw airpods and thinking they were the dumbest things ever. Then I got a pair and never looked back.

  2. Legends & Lattes is so good!! If you haven't read any Becky Chambers, I recommend her for some more cozy fantasy/sci-fi!

  3. I am not a huge fan of Nielsen, but I do love Airplane! That movie is a classic and I could watch it over and over. I'm not joking and don't call me Shirley!

    I am with you on wireless earbuds. I remember seeing all of these people walking around with little white things in their ears, and thought they were all insane, plus who would spend over $100 on earphones!!? Luckily I found a non Apple brand (Jabra) that I love and now they go everywhere with me. I even garden and wash dishes while wearing them and listening to audiobooks. I got hooked! (plus the sounds is amazing; I record voice notes for a friend of mine and even when I am outside with cars etc. the quality is great).

  4. Oat milk hot chocolates. Yum. Also YES to wireless earbuds, esp. when you're moving around a lot.