January 23, 2024

A Monday/Tuesday update

In addition to the occasional hangover, I had other bad habits in college.  One was my propensity to get ill, take a two hour nap, and declare myself healthy again.  I'm pretty sure my last post was an adult extension of this trend.  Although I no longer have a temperature of 103, I am 100% not healthy again.  Waah.  But of course moms don't have time to be ill… so the 2-5 hour eat play sleep cycle continues for the babies and the babies-kids-babies cycle continues for me.

At this point, I can’t figure out many more things to give up or to lower my standards on. I'm all for simplification, but as an example, here is our current weekly food plan:

No idea which Wednesday that was, or what the freezer meal was supposed to be. 

We've been running low on toilet roll for a while and yesterday I panicked and ordered a delivery from an eco friendly toilet roll company.  I'm sure the 48 rolls arriving soon will have somewhere to go?  And 14 boxes of tissues, because yesterday Rachel was pretty sure we would all have colds forever.

It's bothered me for a while that I can't figure out a time to change our bedsheets… ever. The bottom sheet was semi possible, but the duvet cover was a pipe dream. I now understand the benefit of a top sheet. I kept thinking I should be able to find one hour to vacuum and change sheets in my house. But then I realized if somebody said “hey Rachel for £15 You can go take an hour to do whatever you want” in no world would I change bedsheets or vacuum.  I asked our cleaner if she could come an additional hour on her off weeks to vacuum and change sheets.   Perhaps I should ask her to sign a NDA before she sees how bad our bed is. [Edit to add: I made this joke to her and then I felt really gross because it's not funny and also I'm not sure following up with "Oh don't worry I just mean the sheets are covered in baby sick and wee!" would have made it any better than any other thing.  

Other things to make my life easier - I eat most of my calories before noon.  This is no intermittent fasting, this is because the babies only reliable nap is in the morning.  Yesterday I had lasagna at 10am and a tuna sandwich at 11.   Sometimes I get more food later. 

I did not eat during morning nap today and instead at 12 devoured a tuna sandwich, another tuna sandwich, a bowl of soup, crackers and cheese, and a quarter of a chocolate bar.  

This post took 2 days to write.  Happy Monday Tuesday everyone!


  1. I'm so sorry you guys have been sick... oof! I'm pregnant with our 3rd and have had terrible afternoon/evening sickness, so I also eat most of my calories in the morning, lol.
    You obviously have a lot on your plate, so no pressure to respond, but I was curious what "nesting" or baby prep things were most helpful to you for baby #3... and 4 in your case! I'm finding myself really inspired to just simplify and declutter in general, not even baby specific.

  2. Ugh, I'm for outsourcing as much as possible. I hope you feel all of the way better soon, and that life evens out a bit.

  3. Just sending you so much love. This is all SO MUCH.

  4. I am yet to find a reliable cleaner... Been about 2 years and we still don;t have one.