January 6, 2024

A book post - 2023 reading year.

I am loving all the 2023 reading recaps.  2023 was a great reading year for me, mostly because of the pregnancy insomnia/pain which kept me up at night for weeks before having the twins.  However, in that time I read a lot!  The year finished at 60 books total, 25 audio books and 35 kindle/real books.  I got the kindle at the start of June and absolutely love it - I haven't bought a book but primarily use the Libby app for all my kindle and audiobooks.

I do a 1-3 star rating system and on review I have a lot of one star reads this year, but I would actually up some to 2 or no stars in retrospect.  Some books I love when I read but forget quickly, and some books I love the memory of reading more.  Looking through my notes, this is my highlight reel:

Fiction (book/kindle)

  • Babel: An Arcane History by R.F Kuang
  • Nora Goes Off Script by Annabel Monaghan 
  • The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Non-Fiction (Book/Kindle)

  • This is Not a Book about Benedict Cumberbatch by Tabitha Carvan

Fiction (Audio)

  • Tom Lake by Ann Patchett
  • Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Non Fiction (Audio)

  • A Very Punchable Face by Colin Jost
  • Stolen Focus by Johan Hari

I read a lot of good books this year but these are some of the highlights for me.  Especially Babel - that might be my favorite and I feel odd sticking it in the same category as Nora Goes Off Script (which was also good, but not the same good).  

I started listening to fiction on Audio Book and some is SOOO Good.  I realized I have to chose the right fiction.  I love Meryl Streep's narration of Tom Lake and probably wouldn't have finished Tom Lake if I was reading it myself.  Daisy Jones was my first ensemble cast read book and I really enjoyed it as well.

Another honorable mention is the American Royals series.  I found this through The SHU box and they are just such fun reads.  Sadly I have finished the series this year! I think I need to incorporate more fun YA books into my reading life in 2024.

This year I discovered "Women's lit" and I am really enjoying that as well - Emily Henry, Nora Goes Off Script, Thank You for Listening by Julia Whelan, Romantic Comedy by Curtis Sittenfeld.

I've loved reading everyones roundup reading post for 2023 too and have already added some exciting books to my library holds from Birchie, Kyria, and of course Modern Mrs. Darcy.  Looking forward to more great reads in 2024 - what was your favourite book this year?  Do you have an Audio/Physical/Ebook preference?


  1. 2023 was just exceptional for books and judging by the amount of books left that I still want to read, 2024 is on the same path.

    My thing is that I listen to non-fiction and read fiction, and I've always assumed that it wouldn't work for me to listen to fiction because I tune out a lot. But now I'm wondering if that's really true so clearly I need to try it and see. The last time I listened to fiction the format was book on tape lol.

    1. I always listened to non fiction untill this year when I tried some specific recommended audiobook fiction. I still prefer listening to non fiction however some fiction I can pay attention to as well now… but I have also abandoned a fair amount of audiobook fiction too recently. Your reading life is inspiring! -Rachel

  2. I will have to check out Babel! Also I see you have a lot of TJR on your list. Have you read Carrie Soto and Malibu Rising already? I enjoyed both of them too!

    1. Malibu rising was my first TJR book and I loved it. Possibly my favourite one I’ve read, although 7 husbands also sticks with me. Carrie Soto was good but not as memorable for me. I’ll definitely pick up more TJR this summer

  3. Nora Goes Off Script was also in my top ten! And Babel and Thank You For Listening were definitely highlights of my year, too. Babel was so unexpectedly compelling to read.

    If I could read solely on my Kindle, I would, but the ebook selection at my library isn't very robust, so I still read more physical books than anything else. I also mostly listen to podcasts, but I still listened to almost 200 hours of audiobooks in 2023, which seems like a big number to me!

    1. 200 hours of Audiobooks is great! I struggle sometimes between Audiobooks and Podcast listening.. I definitely enjoy podcasts but Audiobooks are probably arguably "better" media to consume....

  4. Oh I loved Nora Goes Off Script! Such a fantastic book. I also really enjoyed Romantic Comedy. I can never choose a favorite book. There were too many good ones!

    1. I loved Romantic Comedy too - I read Nora goes off script while on a mini vacation and I think the timing as well as the book were so perfect that it made it to my top books of the year :-)