January 30, 2024

Twins at 3 months - a Tuesday update

We have survived to 3 months with twins today.  I know this blog has changed heavily from gender and technology to mom and babies, but so has my life. Someday I will be back in work, thinking about gender and technology again.  

Right now, for possibly the first time, I am home alone with the babies while they are sleeping in their cot.  They started sleeping in their cot a few weeks ago, and almost immediately the "winter nasty" bug ran through the house.  There was *always* someone home.  

Today Lilah is in nursery, Isaac is in school, Andy is in the office, and I am home with the babies.

This morning I achieved another first - I made it out of the house with the babies in the car by myself.  Here's what that looks like:

I went to a mom and baby reformer pilates class.  It was amazing.  I had extra incentive to get out as we had our amazing cleaner here, so when I got back the house was clean too.  

I wonder if maternity leave might have a few glimmers of free time now?  It is so much nicer than the hours of endless pram rocking.  Hello Tuesday at 1pm:

I am still feeling some of the January energy.  I am excited to turn my office into an exercise room / office.  A friend dropped off a turbo trainer which I can set up for 30 minute rides while the babies sleep.  I am excited to get a trial of apple music soon and listen to tunes while I start Couch to 5k pushing babies around.  Although I can't use the running pram yet, they have enough head control for me to feel comfortable run/walking them in the bassinet of the Mountain Buggy.

I need to start making a list of things to do when I find myself with this free time, so I don't just fritter it away.  Todays to-do:
  • Post sold item on vinted ✅ 
  • Write Blog ✅ 
  • Laundry  ✅
  • Pay cleaner
  • Make dinner
  • Take a photo of the babies at 3 months✅

I better think of some more fun for that list!


  1. Three months! I can't believe it has been that long (says the woman who is NOT up in the night with newborn twins). But seriously, it feels like just yesterday.

    I'm so glad you're seeing glimmers of hope on the horizon. And YAY for coming home to a clean house.

    1. I had the thought yesterday "This is the time after this!" because when I was doing the all night thing and the sickness thing I knew there would be a time after... so I'm happy to be here *in* this time after!

  2. Those first 3 months seem like they take forever, right? To those of us not in the trenches, they flew by. HOW WONDERFUL that you got out to a Pilates class! And coming home to a clean house? Time to yourself? Red letter day.

    1. Thats one of the weirdest things about time with babies, for me it feels like a lifetime (sort of) but I bet those reading think "wasn't she just pregnant??" Definitely a great day yesterday :-)

    2. Those sound like the people who kept telling me my pregnancy was flying by, lol! It didn't feel that way to me! -Kat

  3. The babies are getting so big! I can't believe you took them out; go you! That is hard enough with just one but to lug two around is a feat of strength, both physically and mentally! I am interested in hearing about this Pilates class; are there just a ring of babies around you all as you sweat!?

    1. Good question! It's a small studio with about 8 pilates reformers and we just put the babies either on the floor or in their car seats! This class was small so there were only 3 babies (and 2/3 were mine). I will start doing baby yoga soon and in that class there is usually a ring of yoga mats where you put your baby at the top of the mat and just do yoga around them (and sometimes with them, using babies as weights, or just so the babies don't get bored). I definitely prefer working out without babies but the baby classes can be fun too :-)

  4. Congrats Mama!!! Three months with twins and glimpses of free time in the forecast!!!

  5. Look at these two cuties.. I am sure they make everything worthwile, but I am looking forward on your behalf to these little pockets of free time for yourself.