February 2, 2024

February Energy

I am excited about February.  The month is off to a good start, I've had 40 minutes of Rachel time in the early morning on both days.  I'm going to bed by 8:30, waking up to feed babies at 1-2, then waking up for the next feed at 5am which is a good time to start my day.  I'm only doing rehab exercise so far, but it's all a good start.

I've started the audiobook for Fourth Wing - it's 21 hours long and I have 16 hours left and a 13 day loan.  Not sure I'll make it, but this is exactly the fantasy book I was hoping to find.

I did not finish Build the Life you Want but I think it might have been a better paperback read than audiobook or even kindle.  I might try and get a real copy from the library.

This month I'm going to complete my goal of sending an email to everyone in our Will to let them know where the will is and our intentions.  We finished our wills last year so that's sorted, and we've informally told everyone what the deal is, but I think writing it down (and especially telling them where the will is) will formally cross this off our to do list for a while.

This month has a week of school holiday for Isaac, and Lilah will continue to be in nursery 3 days a week.  On Mondays I will have help from my mom and Andys mum to watch Lilah and I will plan for them to take her out of the house so I can have some quite time with the babies.  

Hopefully this month brings more baby routines and easy times.

I start a baby yoga class in the latter half of February - it's yoga I can take babies to.  That should add both movement and me time.

I would like to go swimming this month but need to figure out how to make it happen.  I would also like to start couch to 5k - this is slightly easier as I can run with babies.  

I hope to keep reading.  Audio books have overtaken Kindle for January.  I'm trying to be more intentional about podcasts... although they are fun listening I think audiobooks are higher calibre.

Mostly I am excited because February is short and is a good time for being at home.  Small babies are good for being at home.  Crossing fingers we avoid diseases and continue to stay in routine.  I am aiming low for Feb and I am super excited about my minimal goals;.


  1. I have a question! I see you said that both your Mom and Andy's Mom are helping you...sorry if I missed this but is your Mom visiting? Or does she also live near you? I thought you were from California; what is the story!? :)

    I think your goals are perfect. I see a lot of people really trying to "keep up with the Joneses" but I feel that is not necessary, plus there really are no "Joneses;" it is all a product of the media! You are going to enjoy time with the babies, hopefully get some sleep and stay happy and healthy!!

    1. Oh hi! That is a very good question! My mom lives here half the year and in California half the year, she comes for about 6 weeks and goes home for 6 weeks. So I have lots of help, and then less help. I think once you pop out a fourth grandchild the parents just move close haha! Everyone here thinks she's crazy for leaving California.

      You summed it up perfectly - sleep and happy and healthy! Or maybe even Health then Sleep then Happy? Either way, that's the crux of my february dreams!

  2. I'm on quite the audiobook streak right now, and it's great. Sometimes I'll pause to catch up on podcasts, but like you say, the audiobook content is more valuable to me right now.

    Here's to more Rachel time each day!

  3. Yay for Rachel time. Like you, I'm excited for February. I didn't love this January and I appreciate that it's a short month! Less time for things to go awry :)

  4. You're making lists/goals! So exciting!

    This is so wonderful that both your and Andrew's mom can help out (and I am sure they appreciate the time with you and the babies!).