February 29, 2024

Goodbye February!

Happy February 29th! I texted a friend earlier in the week and said that February felt more than one day too long.  I stand by this analysis. 

I started tracking things in February... then promptly fell off the wagon when life got hard:

That was supposed to be steps, workouts, physio routine and screen time.  I feel like I've been off the wagon on all of it for ages but actually it was about a week.

I did accomplish some pretty major things this month
  • Passports - I got the twins their passports and got Isaac's passport
  • Home Gym - I got my new mirror set up and rearranged the furniture
  • New Computer - I got my new computer set up and I love using it!
  • Race Album - I sorted my race medals and printed a race album
  • Contact everyone about our will - I sent an email about the will.
Two of these things (passports and will) were on my goals for the year list so that's a great start!  The Will was on the list for the last 3 years so it's good to have it done done done now (in the UK, people need to know where your actual will is kept.  I literally needed to email people with the name of the solicitor. It still took over 6 months.

I did not finish writing thank you cards to the midwives who delivered Audrey and Nora.  I have done 3 of 5 and I have printed photos of the twins to send in the cards.  I still don't know one of the student midwives names so I may have to go with "Dear student midwife with three kids who lived in italy but now lives in West Wales" and hope it gets to her.

I read 5 books in February.

Happiness for Beginners by Katherine Center (Audio) 
The Lost Bookshop by Evie Woods 
I must betray you by Rita Sepetys
Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros (Audio)
Mary Jane by Jessica Anya Blau 

None were amazing but all were good.  I can't remember who recommended Mary Jane but it was fun to read a "coming of age" novel again - I haven't read one of those in ages.  Fourth Wing was excellent.  The Lost Bookshop was close to amazing but landed on "good".  I must betray you was also fascinating - I had no idea Romania was so oppressive so recently.  Happiness for Beginners I read instead of watching the Netflix movie and now I don't think I'll watch the movie... it wasn't exactly what I expected but it wasn't different enough either.

I am still using my lovely Ashley Shelley Planner.  Its a 2023 planner that I got on discount.  Normally I just cross off the day of the week and write the correct day on top, but I realised the leap year makes it a bit tricky.  Here is my bodged together 28th/29th page:
Overall I got a surprising amount done in February, mostly due to slowly plodding through things during Rachel morning.    

Also, twins were born on the 30th of October.  Does that mean they are 4 months old today?  On the 29th? It feels like I'm cheating them out of a day!

How was your February? Do you enjoy leap years? I think I will enjoy the next leap year but I'm done with February this time around.  Maybe I need to plan myself a Leap Day celebration for 2028!


  1. Wow, you did a lot! I have a friend who has her kids' passports on her list and she has been putting it off for ages! Of course, she is divorced and I think part of it is that Dad has to give his approval. I am not sure how it works but I think it's a bit of a pain for her.

    I did all of my estate stuff last year; it was not hard, but it is amazing how we put it off for ages! Luckily now, like you said, it does not have to be a physical document in your house and you can just tell people who to contact. I have done that and also have an "important docs" file (hard copy) just in case (although I do feel it is a bit unnecessary/redundant).

    1. Yeah we have a few different binders in a few different places. I finally wrote down a lis of all our pensions and account numbers in one of the binders. I used to save so many statements when they came through but so much is online it seemed I was saving things for no reason - now I keep only one statement from each account.

  2. Look at everything you have accomplished!

    It does seem like the twins got cheated out of a day. February is such an odd, stunted month.

  3. Ugh, the will... I need to get on that... Thanks for reminding me. I heard people in the US (not us, but seems like a good idea) have these binders that pretty much have everything in them: will info, power of attorney, all of their accounts, like, everything. Morbid, but when you pass, or, God forbid, you and your partner pass, who is gonna look for all of that information?? My sister friend Helen know that she is the one to get the kids if T and I croak but imagine looking for the paperwork. Anyway, morbid but kind of necessary. Maybe it can be my summer project..

    1. It does seem like a good idea but also you would have to tell everyone where the binder is... and then also youhave all your information in one place. I would find it too hard to maintain. But it is probably a really good idea.

  4. February really messes everything up with the 28 (or 29) days. WHY??
    I think you got a lot accomplished. It might not feel that way but you're chipping away at the to-do list. You might not be able to see it, but I can. :)