February 12, 2024

Too much stuff! Office Gym project

 In 2021 we had our loft (attic) converted into two small rooms and a landing. One room is my office (and also the guest room) and one is Andy’s. Since I’m not in work now I would like to use mine as a mini gym, and I have ordered a full length mirror so I can actually see myself. Fun fact, after carrying twins I can’t actually tell if I’m standing up straight anymore without checking in a mirror.

In order to fit the mirror I needed to empty this kallax and put it upright. I’m not sure this is the right piece of furniture for the room, but it’s the piece I currently have. 

As i emptied it out i just kept thinking “too much stuff!” It has useful things, it has stuff I’ve currently listed on Vinted, it has a box with all our gift wrapping and gifts. But it also has stuff I don’t think I need but don’t know what to do with. Like:

A box of coins my grandfather collected from various countries. Really old money. Lots of it. What do I do with this??

A pile of race medals from when I did lots of racing. I know they’re cool but it’s very heavy and what am I saving these for?  Fun fact, when we moved to the uk I brought them with us in my carryon and the TSA agent was so confused from the scan.

Or what about old binders filled with poly pockets? Charity? can I donate to the school?  I feel if I need plastic pockets in the future I can go them and also I won’t need 200. This used to hold my uni work but I decided to get rid of all of it so now it’s just empty binders

Here is a photo of the room mid project. It actually looks better now, but the babies woke up before I could get a photo:

Part of the problem it’s it’s hard to organize an office/guest room/gym/storage room. It’s not really the most welcoming of any of those types of room.

 I wish British houses had closets. There is so much “adventure gear” tucked everywhere in the house. 

Any advice much appreciated blogger friends!

Edited to add - how it looks now:

Thai is not my new mirror. That is my old mirror


  1. If it was Polly Pockets, I would say to keep them. But you can definitely get rid of poly pockets. 😉
    The room is looking great!
    - Kat

    1. Oh man I used to love my Polly Pocket! Those were amazing!

      The room is getting there - I still wish I could throw away half of what's there. The bed position is fine for a sofa but super akward to sleep in (as you know!) becuase you either put your head near a tower of plastic boxes or near a baby gate and ironing board. I dream of a real guest room someday (although probably needed fewer children to make that a reality)

  2. The easy answer seems to be that the poly pockets can go!

    Race medals - if I had to get rid of mine, I think I would take a picture of each one and be happy with that. Between you and me, I probably should get rid of them, or at least pare them down to my favorite races. I mean what am I going to do, keep them hanging on the wall in our den for the rest of our lives (that's how long we anticipate staying in our current house).

    Sigh, there's no good answer on the coins but we have a similar collection in my husband's family so if I don't have the answer it's because I have the problem.

    1. I was thinking of taking a photo of each and making a photo album of them. And your right - I don't need to keep all of them, I can just keep my favourite ones. There are 5K medals in there that I hardly remember. I think this will be a good project for a naptime eventually!

      I'm glad I'm not the only one with box of coins issue.

  3. Can you find a coin dealer nearby? We used to have one around here, but they closed years ago. That would be my guess, and then of course you have to sell them for whatever the person is willing to give you, unless you are willing to do research to determine whether any of it is truly valuable. If it were me I would probably worry that there's something rare in there and be stymied by fear of selling a $1m coin for 50 cents, so I would do nothing. Not a good example.

    Good luck decluttering! Always satisfying once you figure it out.

    1. So far I have given Isaac half to play with... I am worried that there's something valuable there but also don't have time. I have the same fear and will do nothing too haha! It's in a small shoe box... maybe a good project for future rachel. Or maybe I'll see if my brother wants it.

  4. Came here to say that we have that Emily Gravett's book! As well as her other books. I just LOVE her illustrations and the kids love reading about the two mag pies that crashed the nest with all their stuff.

    I don't have any advice except some very unglamorous strategy- getting rid of stuff. That is the only thing that works for our house. Someone mentioned photographing the memorabilia-I think it's a good strategy! One thing I know for sure is that I will not let any stuff prevent me from enjoying my space. The room looks great btw.

  5. At least you have an extra room for office/workout/guests? (Sorry this comment was totally influenced by my current frustration of doing all this in my living room.)

    Can you (or someone) find out if the coins are worth anything? Online? If you have something similar as a thriftstore/Goodwill close by, I am sure they'd take the binders... well, and the race medals? I don't know. I have too many, too... some of them have sentimental value, but not all of them. I don't know what to do with them honestly.

    1. You are so right - I am super lucky to have an extra room to make into these things! When andy and I had our first apartment we had a 1 bedroom with a kitchen and a living room and that was it. Thanks for the reminder :-)

      Maybe coins will be a later project. And I wasn't sure about the binders - I took other stuff to the charity shop today so I'll need to take them next time. I also found MORE poly pockets in a drawer so clearly I'm saving for the apocolypse here.