February 16, 2024

Friday 5 - cake, decluttering, positivity and very small adventures

Office/Gym Project: I got my new office mirror!  

Question, do you say Mir-or or Mir?  Andy pointed out that I say Mirror as if it's the space station Mir.  I pointed out that 13 years into our relationship is a weird time to start making fun of my accent. 

Now I can see how wonky I am when I do exercise.  I'm kind of enjoying seeing how different my body is after being pregnant with twins.  It's not always pretty but it's super fascinating and I know that I'm only 3 months out so things will still change, but there's some funny stuff happing where I held 13lbs of baby.  

Mornings: I am LOVING my 5am mornings. Not *at* 5am... but I've remembered how to sip coffee slowly rather than gulp it down.  I've got a good little routine as follows:

  • Line a day journal (last year on this day it says "train to london for work" so my life has changed a lot!)
  • vitamins (I take a multivitamin and vitamin D - the Vitamin D is for the babies mostly)
  • Time Log (I've started this again and enjoying it!
  • Planner/goals for the day/metrics (I've been tracking exercise, steps, and screen time 
  • Anything else I want to work on (Blog? Photo Albums? Monthly goals/tasks 

Valentines Day: For valentines day I ordered one of my favourite cakes from a famous Yorkshire bakery.  I didn't read the fine print and see that delivery could happen until 8:30pm.  Delivery was supposed to be at 5:45 which was great timing for our tea party, but 5:45 came and went with no cake.  Finally it arrived at 7pm, after everyone had left and I had gone to bed with the babies.  I was initially annoyed before noting the following

  • How lucky am I to get to order myself expensive nice cake?
  • How lucky am I to get to eat this nice cake the next day?
  • How lucky am I that the worst thing I experienced today was a late delivery of cake?

In case you're wondering my cake of choice is Fondant Fancies from Bettys:

Adventure: It doesn't mean what it once did but on Wednesday I took the babies and Isaac to a play date! I left the house with two babies and Isaac.  I am a superhero.

Decluttering: Yesterday the babies napped long enough for me to list a bunch of baby clothes on Vinted.  I sold £9 of clothing already! Vinted charge no fees, so that means my hour of listing has netted me £9 already - and I still have about 20 ads up.  I need to take it to the post office, but since I need to do walking anyways I don't count that time as a cost.  I am LOVING getting rid of baby clothes. Turns out I have NO FEELINGS AT ALL about newborn clothes.  No more newborn babies! No more newborn clothes!


  1. You ARE a superhero. And yay, cake! Also, this cracked me up: "I pointed out that 13 years into our relationship is a weird time to start making fun of my accent." I think I say "mirror" with two syllables, but they are not well enunciated.

  2. Look at you go! I love my line-a-day journal because while I think my life is pretty normal day-to-day, things really have changed quite a lot since I started it. Not as dramatic as your changes, of course, but some pretty big changes nonetheless.

    1. I also find the line a day is good for identifying trends. Like I've realized illnesses just take a week and it's only when I pretend they don't that I get cross.

  3. The office looks good! I say mir, and also "cran" rather than "cray-on", "car-mel" instead of "care-a-mel" and Dor-thy instead of Dor-o-thy. Maybe it's a California thing? My grandma from MA used to say "harrible" instead of horrible and it would crack my up.

    1. Oh I never thought about Cran vs cray-on! I bet you're right that it's a california thing!

  4. Oh I never thought about Cran vs cray-on! I bet you're right that it's a california thing!