February 28, 2024

Wrong side of the bed

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

There was no reason why - it just happened. Kids were awake too early after a fractious bedtime.  Babies slept till 3:30am (yay!) but that threw off my morning as I didn't feel like waking up at 5am after getting them down from their feed at 4:15.  

And the house was a mess.  I have tried to embrace a mentality of "it can be done later" and "don't spend all day on the house" but also coming down to a messy kitchen is really really unsatisfying.

Plus we had left the remains of dinosaur pasta in the pot counter and not in the fridge.  We have lowered our standards of kitchen cleanliness because our dinners transition straight to kid bedtime and then baby bedtime and then my bedtime... but last night it was really really not good.

This morning I spent over an hour sorting the house out.  Putting things in their right place.  I collected a bag for charity and dropped it off.

We finally set up the new crib in the baby room and now the small room looks like furnature storage.  That footstool is being collected for charity, but we still need to fit another crib in here.  That's a problem for future me

I spend a lot of time in the baby room and I think it looking like chaos is not helping me.

I also try to be hands off about the kids room, but last night their room was a mess and their behaviour was not great either and I wondered if messy room was creating messy feelings in them like it does in me.  Today I tidied their room.  Hopefully it will be an easier bedtime.

Also, This is our dinner.  It's basically all frozen.  It will be fine.  We ate real cooked food twice this week.  I can't tidy house and also make food in a day.
I was going to make grilled haloumi for the burgers but the haloumi expired in October 2023.  Oops.  I hate wasting food but that was beyond my comfort level.

We have a lot of white mushrooms in the fridge and a thing of Creme Fresh.  I feel there should be something I can make with this combo.  But what?

Babies calling. 16 minutes of Rachel Time complete!


  1. Messy space equaling messy feelings is something I'd never considered before, but I think that's so insightful. Sending you internet hugs. You are doing such a great job.

  2. Sending hugs. What an intense, exhausting time. You've got this but, also, I wish I could pop over, run you a hot bath and tidy FOR YOU so you could like...take a nap, or watch a random YouTube video or scream into the void for a few minutes <3

  3. Creme fresh and mushrooms sounds like the perfect accompaniment for pasta! You could even throw in some frozen peas and some parmesean and you would basically have alfredo...right? Keep hanging in there; you can only do so much in one day and you are doing a lot!

  4. I believe there will be a time when not everything feels so rushed. You're doing great mama. I second Kyria's suggestions for mushroom and creme fresh: it sounds perfect for a creamy pasta dish.