February 23, 2024

5 on Friday - Toys, Food, Meals, Schedules.

1 Toys:  Isaac has been enjoying playing with Lincoln Logs.  They aren't a big thing over here, so my mom brought him a set from the states, and then I found another set for £6 on Vinted.  Score! He's very creative with his constructions and Lilah is into them to.  Here they are posing with their babies:
2 Sleep: Sleep has been not good lately.  For whatever baby reason the babies have started waking up more than once a night.  I have not had Rachel mornings for a few days.  Today I had a Lilah morning when she came in upset at 5am after I put the babies down at 3:30am.  We had a family meeting about sleep with the kids where we reiterated they need to stay in their room untill 6:30.  This was after a particularly rough morning with a particulary bad reaction from me (I told the kids I had made french toast but would be throwing it in the bin because they woke up the babies.  Not my finest parenting! But, as per Dr. Becky, it was a great moment after to talk to kids about why we all feel better with more sleep and about apologising for behaviour and confirming that it's not always the other persons fault.)

3 Time Tracking:  I'm enjoying doing this again.  I've set a conditional formatting for baby feeds to see if there are patterns developing.  This is not a good nightime pattern (starts at 6:30pm, which is baby bedtime)

The babies are 16 weeks old now... so I know I am nearing a better schedule. But I'm not there yet. I need to get sleep again. 

4 Meal planning.  It's hard to plan meals when tired.  I did manage to make 1 massive slow cooker meal this week! I made vegetarian spag bol.  I have enough to save.  It has lots of vegetables.  And I put some in the freezer for later, so that we are actually stocking the freezer rather than depleting it.  We need to plan more meals for this week today.  Why does everyone need to do eating all the time? 

5 Exercise. I hurt my back and have done no exercise this week.  Good news, I can always do more next week!


  1. Hey there, thanks for the update. Please know that I am reading your posts with interest and think of you often- you are a true hero.

    1. Thank you! I'm really enjoying your blog too - just not able to comment right now! I love your kid and family adventures (and your decluttered closet!)

  2. Oh man that sleep schedule looks brutal. I really hope that they become more regular soon! Good for you for cooking! I am a huge fan of a big one pot meal and subsequent freezer meals. Anything that saves time is good food to me! I often make chili for that very reason.

    1. Yup we have chili on the list for this week, or if I can't do chili I'll just make slow cooker pinto beans. I forget how tasty plain beans and rice is.

      I'm saving the sleep schedules so some day I can look back and think "how did I survive?"

  3. Oh, I loved Lincoln Logs when I was little, so fun! My brother was more into Legos.

    None of us function well when we are tired, I'm sure the kids forgave you for the French toast, and it's good for them to know that they can forgive and be forgiven as well.

    I'm making chili this week so I can freeze some, and another night I'm pulling soup out of the freezer from a prior week or two. I really don't understand why we all need to eat every damn day.