February 14, 2024

Happy Valentines Day - a quick post

Happy Valentines Day!

Lilah is ready for her nursery valentines day party

Lest you think romance is dead, I made Andy heart shaped avocado toast this morning.  Not pictured. I also made a heart shaped pear, which is just a pear, and not very heart shaped.

I also ordered cake from my favourite shop, but it's not arriving untill 4:30-5:30 today.  Sad! I had to have different biscuits with my Tea.

And if you can't handle the love and romance so far... Andy also got me a valentines day present.

He got our windows cleaned! <3
Would the window cleaner have charged more if he knew he was also entertaining a five year old?  

The babies napped enough for me to work on my race medals project.  It turns out, half the medals belonged to Andy.  I decided to only keep 3 - stories of these races to come:

This morning I peeled myself out of bed at 5am to experiment on whether I feel better getting up before kids or getting extra sleep but being woken up by the kids.  I definitely had a nicer morning, but we'll see if I end up grumpy and tired later.

Later we are also having tea party for dinner... which means sandwiches.  Sandwiches for dinner.  What a day!


  1. Tea party for dinner sounds fun! I recently got rid of my tea set from childhood and don't really have an adult version. Do you have a full set of fancy china or do you just use whatever old mugs you have lying around?

    Ug, your race medal story is giving me flashbacks. Last year I sent about 10 lbs of medals to a recycling company. The only one I kept was my first Boston marathon. But even that, what the heck am I going to use it for? I am never going to display it. Maybe I will just get it out of the box and fondle it once in a while? What did you do with yours? Also I went back and read your other post and giggled about you bringing the medals through TSA. Two things I think about when reading that -- why did you bring them all to the UK? and why didn't you put them in checked luggage? Don't get me wrong, I actually moved to the UK with two HUGE suitcases full of clothes, books and knickknacks and I look back at my younger self with fondness. Why I felt the need to bring all of that stuff, I cannot even recall, but for some reason I thought it was important at the time.

    1. Oh man, I should write a post about moving here! When I first came I had a backpack and a checked bag. But when Andy and I move back from living in the states (we spent 2 years there before settling on the UK for having kids etc) we brought EVERYTHING. He made these giant boxes that were exactly the size of the largest checked bags one could bring and filled them... but then he had to unfil them because they were too heavy. So then everything heavy was put in carryon instead because there was no weight restriction.

      And the question of *why* is a good one. I liked them? They were really cool and American and not dull and british? I had them hanging up in the house for a while untill the spare room became a nursery - I even have a medal hanger still in the nursery... which I now hang baby outdoor clothes on. I remember my midwife was impressed by my medal collection when she visited after Isaac was born.

      So far I have thrown away about half (the light/plastic ones - there doesn't seem to be a recycling place here) and I have 3 I'm keeping and the rest are so heavy I'm not sure what to do with them.

    2. Oh and I have a small-ish tea set for 4 - a nice tea pot, plates, cups and saucers, and a serving plate. I don't have the 3 tier stand though :-)

  2. I LOVE days when I manage to get up before everyone else. It means 30 minutes of time to myself to read while I drink my coffee and eat my peanut butter toast. Bliss. I am SO much happier to greet my family when they get up. Chipper, even. Hope it works out for you...

    1. I'm on day 2! I'm remembering how to sip rather than gulp my coffee! I remember you were always a quiet morning coffee person, I hope you are getting your quiet morning coffees too :-)