March 20, 2024

Wednesday thoughts, some photos, and brownies.

I am currently writing this at 8:05pm.  Yes, PM! I have stayed awake longer than the babies, who have been asleep for 45 minutes now.  In that time I completed my time log, quickly tidied downstairs, and made these Zucchini Brownies
The recipe says to cool completely on a wire rack but I want to eat them right now.  I think brownies are best slightly warm but not super hot.  I am having crazy insane chocolate and cake cravings still, so I'm hoping giving in with some brownie will help. 

So far this week I have been doing two things in one day and that is too many things.  But they are good things! On Tuesday I went out to brunch and then went for a walk with a friend and with the babies.  Today I went for a walk with a different friend and the babies and then met another friend for lunch.  However I am really craving some down time at home, which I should get tomorrow.  Things are starting to feel fast.

Here are the babies, chilling at the coffee shop:
I was very excited on Tuesday because my podcast selection was super on point.  I have enjoyed all these episodes.  
I wish I spent more time taking notes on episodes.  Even Cal Newports episode on taking notes.  

It's become obvious why the Brits invented Pathetic Fallacy because it has been grey and drizzly since November here (slight overstatement) and everyone is in a grey and drizzly mood.  HOWEVER we did get 5 minutes of sun on Monday and I managed to get the littlest 3 to the park
I am SOO ready for spring.  I need sun!  Also, the time change in the UK hasn't happened yet so I am living with a bit of dread as I am very anti-time changes.  I think we should stay on summer time year round.  I think people should get up earlier when the sun is up earlier.  In fact, I think that hours should change length in winter and summer such that dark is 12 hours and light is 12 hours and we just divide each into 12.  I know there are huge downsides to this plan, but it seems more seasonally appropriate right?  So what that a summer hour is 100 minutes and a winter hour is 40 minutes? We can deal with that right?

Enough ranting from me - let's go check on those brownies.

Do you prefer brownies or cookies? Do you dread or love time changes? Does anyone love time changes? Why do we still have them??


  1. My first thought when I saw this post was that it's been way too long since I've had a brownie.

    Yes to staying on summer time year round. The only good thing about the change is that during the time between when the US changes and everyone else changes that my work day overlaps the rest of my team by an extra hour. It's nearly two weeks this time around.

    We had pretty decent weather since we got the puppy, and thank goodness because having a puppy means spending A LOT of time outside. But then out of nowhere we got a ton of snow with more to come. It's fine since the temperatures haven't gotten that cold and the puppy is cute in the snow...but c'mon let's get to spring all ready!

    1. If you think it's been too long since your last brownie then it's definitely been too long!

      Most of my family and my bloggy friends are in the USA and I feel so left behind with the time change. It's been such a long gap this time! I bet it's nice for you with your work schedule though.

      I recently realized how much dog people need to be outside - it's A LOT! Dog people always have the right clothes for outdoor weather. It's crazy you're getting snow in March! I agree it's time for spring!

  2. I was just trying to explain to Scott that 2 things in a day with a baby is too many. I'm not sure he really gets it. But I think maybe he'll understand when he's on leave? Though Arden should be on more of a schedule by then.

    1. Yeah it's noticeably too many things. But I also realise it won't be possible when they have actual 3 or 2 nap a day schedules. Right now they're not as bad when I completely ruin their naps, but when naps became a two way contract then I'll have to adhere to my side of the bargain.

  3. Time changes are THE WORST. Hate.

    You have been so busy! Your outings sound fun but I agree that two things per day is too many things.

    Those brownies look delicious.