March 17, 2024

Weekend Update with RachelinWales

It's been a weekend!

Lilah and I took a bus! We walked/rode to our local library (15 minute walk) then took the bus home after.  We arrived at the bus 20 minutes early (or 10 minutes late, depending on how you quantify arrival times for an every 30 minute bus) so bought a chelsea bun from the bakery and ate it on a bench.  It was very wholesome.
The bus driver gave Lilah a ticket.  He didn't even charge us for the ride because apparently a three year old taking a dolly on the bus for her first bus ride is too cute to charge.  It was all so wholesome.

On Saturday we went out for a long adventure to visit friends who live an hour away.  It was our longest trip out with babies and they did great and enjoyed their big adventure.  The kids enjoyed as well, we went and saw a very angry goose
Also, Lilah and Isaac saw a squished Frog and were fascinated. Lilah said it wasn't a real frog, which I thought was an interesting way of understanding a squished frog.  It was a former frog. Not a Real frog.

Today (Sunday) the kids made robot costumes, which is also ridiculously wholesome:

Besides lots of kid stuff, Andy and I each got an adventure morning.  Andy had Saturday from 8-10am for a bike ride, and I had Sunday from 8:30-10am for my own adventure.  I did Couch to 5K week 3 and then added a bit more jogging just for fun.  

It's hard to be both aware that we are in the super adorable wholesome stage right now AND that things will get both easier and harder.  

When I think of days like today, I think of this quote from Ann Patchett's Tom Lake:

There is no explaining this simple truth about life: you will forget much of it. The painful things you were certain you’d never be able to let go? Now you’re not entirely sure when they happened, while the thrilling parts, the heart-stopping joys, splintered and scattered and became something else. Memories are then replaced by different joys and larger sorrows, and unbelievably, those things get knocked aside as well, until one morning you’re picking cherries with your three grown daughters and your husband goes by on the Gator and you are positive that this is all you’ve ever wanted in the world.

Did you have a good weekend?  Did you do anything wholesome?


  1. The bus ride is officially the Cutest Thing on the Internet Ever. And that was only the start of your weekend.

    We have a robot costume from the boys' young days that lasted quite a while. It was last worn for a middle school birthday party.

    Let's see this weekend was a bunch of hiking, puppy time, and hanging out with the fam. Wholesomeness Badge Unlocked.

  2. What fun! Her first bus ride! I did not take a public bus for the first time until I was in my teens, so she is way ahead of me! I am sure she had a blast riding the bus, but also hanging out with Mom by herself which is probably quite the treat at this point. It also looks like your weather is not too bad!

    I spent the weekend moving and am so glad to have that behind me, although there are still many things to do. However, that was a big one and a small bit of weight is lifted off of my shoulders. Also the weather was great, I went for my last run around the neighborhood and life is good. I would not call it wholesome per se but I will call it happy!

  3. Oh gosh, that quote is a gut punch, isn't it?

    It sounds like such a darling and wholesome weekend. First bus ride! Angry goose! Fake frog!!! Love it all, and I'm glad the babies did so well on their long trip.