March 14, 2024

A Morning in the Life

Engie commented on my recent Routines post that she's interested in the logistics of big families and how things get done.  I know I posted a rather dire "night in the life" post when the babies were 6 weeks old, but I thought perhaps I would do a "Morning in the life" post today since it's 12:10 and I have up to 20 minutes before the babies wake up!

5:40 Hear five year old in bathroom, sneak out of bedroom and sit on stairs waiting for him to finish

5:45 Five year old gives me a hug in between doing his morning business and washing his hands.  Parenting is lovely.  Check that 3 and 5 year old are back in bed ok

5:50 come downstairs and do my time log, my daily plan/to-dos, my line a day journal, and some blogging.  Watch babies through monitor. Enjoy quiet time.

6:30 kids are up and building a new home playing with brio. Tell them to come downstairs to avoid waking the babies. Put croissants in the oven because we are having fancy breakfast (croissants, yogurt, fruit, eggs)

6:45 babies awake - feed babies.

7:00 come downstairs and eat croissant and coffee.  Leave babies playing upstairs because the non-rolling and non-moving phase is great

7:15 get babies dressed

7:30 get kids dressed

7:45 Start Laundry

7:50 get myself dressed in running clothes

8:00 Walk Isaac to school.  Run home to change into waterproof jacket as it's started to rain

8:50 finish run. Dry off, drink water, eat a handful of nuts

9:00 Start 20 minute core workout video. Do 15 minutes before.... 

9:20 Babies awake.  Andy watches them while I take a quick shower

9:45 Feed babies

10:00 watch babies while eating breakfast of leftover macaroni and cheese, then crackers and hummus.

10:50 put babies to sleep

11:00 Put laundry outside, make homemade hummus, make courgette fritters, chop veg for dinner. Eat a slice of cake and a decaf coffee

11:45 Finish thank you cards for midwives and drop off at neighbours house to take to the hospital.

11:50 clean up cooking mess. Start dishwasher.

12:00 start blog post

12:10 Answer call from Nursery saying Lilah has a low grade fever and seems sad.  Ask grandma to pick her up.

12:15 Call friend to cancel lunch plans

12:20 Babies are awake

12:30 Feed babies

12:50 Lilah is home, read her stories and settle her in bed

1:00 Stress eat a cupcake that is probably too old but it's been in the fridge so that's fine right?

1:05 keep writing blog post

1:25 Finish blog post.


  1. You are very productive! I have yet to make dinner during the day (I think?) while on mat leave. But I did get 2 cavities filled yesterday so I guess that's something. Sorry your "weekend" has been disrupted and I hope Lilah is better soon. -Kat

    1. We can’t do any cooking between 4:30 and 5:30 because too many kids. so if I don’t get dinner sorted in the day then there is no dinner. I can’t watch 4 kids while Andy cooks dinner and Andy can’t do the same so right now it’s my cooking if I want things cooked.

      I went to a British dentist so they don’t really check for cavities, they just ask if your teeth hurt. At least it was free (because I had a baby, if I didn’t have a baby it would be £14)

  2. Oh no, I'm sorry Lilah is under the weather. I hope it is fleeting and stops at her.

    Love seeing your morning - you are nonstop every minute. I am in awe of your efficiency. And a refrigerated cupcake sounds perfectly fine.

  3. Oh I do remember those early newborn months of SO MUCH juggling (especially with older kids too!)- and I only had one newborn bubba at a time. Amazing you are managing to do chores and a blog post in amongst it all. Great to get in some exercise too, so essential isn’t it. I never ran but went on so many long walks pushing prams!

  4. Wow, I feel exhausted just thinking about that (as I sit with my coffee in the quiet of the morning at my parent's house). You are really just go, go, go! I guess maybe when the twins are older, it will get easier as they will play with each other? My Mom is a twin and she and her sister were inseparable as kids.