March 9, 2024

Weekend Vibes - Mothers Day and kid adventures

It's the weekend.  Which means - hard work! Lots of noise! 

It's a very family weekend this weekend.  Today I took my mom to the garden center to get some plants for her garden.  She bought some daffodils.  I bough a random plant.  Someday I will think about how to have a pretty garden, but for now I like buying cheap plants, sticking them in the ground, and seeing what happens.

After the garden center we took the kids to the aquarium! And by "aquarium" I mean fish shop.  Cardiff doesn't have an aquarium, but the fish shop is basically the same right?

Heres two kids looking at some fish.

This afternoon Andy's parents are coming over for lunch.  Isaac is having a sleepover at Grandmas and ANdy has made a giant pasta bake for dinner.

Tomorrow we're hosting a Mothers day afternoon tea for my mom and a mom friend who often watches Lilah.  Mothers day in the US and Australia and Canada is in May... Mothers day in the UK is in March. I don't know why.  Moms like wet cold weather?

In the morning I'll hopefully get out on the bike for my own mothers day adventure.  On my first Mothers Day with Isaac I wanted to pretend I wasn't a mom and have a whole day for me.  This is my fifth mothers day and I've set my expectations lower - I'm going to be a mom who gets to go out for an hours bike ride.  And eat some delicious cupcakes.  

I think I'll end this mothers day more satisfied than with the first.  I'll definitely be eating better cake.

And then it will be Monday! The hard day! I will be using sticker book bribery on Monday, which she will get for her amazing potty training, but also because I need her to have something to do on Monday.  

Here's wishing you a happy weekend and a happy Mothering Sunday!


  1. Happy Mother's Day! The good thing for you is that you get to have two of them, right? Hopefully the answer is yes, and you can also have cake again in May and even take another bike ride. Isn't that funny how expectations work? It is so easy to be disappointed when your expectations are high, but just lower them and you are good to go! :)

    Today I will be getting out for a (hopefully dry) trail run in the morning and then spending the day with Broski in the afternoon. I have a lot to do, but I dubbed today a (mostly) day off from all of the things.

  2. My MIL used to take the grandkids to the pet store as an outing. It's basically the same thing as a petting zoo!

  3. Stick plants in the ground and see what happens is my default gardening strategy. It's sink or swim out there. So far, rosemary and lavendar seem to be most adaptable to the lack of attention. Happy Mother's Day! You are the most mother I know at the moment. And you're awesome. -Rachel

    1. Hahaha I do often say "wow this is a lot of kids" but I've never translated that into "wow I'm a lot of mom" but I guess that fits!

      Writing you from a Tuesday morning. Have just finished tidying house. Babies sleeping, I'm working on blog, dishwasher and washing machine going. What wonderful Tuesday... I almost forget Tuesday ever meant anything else to us... :-)

    2. Hahaha, no kidding. What a different lifetime.