March 12, 2024

A Tuesday and some podcast thinks

It has been a Tuesday!  I did't feel particularly settled into today, but maybe that's because of the relentless rain.  Last Wednesday the sun came out and I felt ALIVE! Today it rained all day and I feel... alive. 

Anyways, I did get the house tidied for the cleaner this morning and she cleaned the bedrooms today and the house looks great and I feel much better for having a clean house.  

Also, sarah does super cute things like this on Lilah's bed.  Straight up cute:

I listened to a lot of podcasts today.  On an episode of Organize365 Lisa Woodruff was talking about burnout and how when people have burnout they're told to take a step back and focus on themselves and change the overwhelm.  And that raising kids is hard and then when your kids are in their teens or older and you feel like you can breathe again and you change things and take a step back and focu on yourself then it's called a midlife crisis.  I thought that was really interesting. I think parenting burnout is real.  

At least I know I'll be back in work in a year.  I am so amazed at moms who can do babies and then continue to do only babies and toddlers and kids.  That's impressive.

Second podcast thought was About Progress - Monica Packer was interviewing... someone. I forgot.  It was about planning and then planning a day as a mom and finding activities to fit into the small bits of life.  So instead of a daily time block (which is how I work best, but which is not possible) make weekly goals and then seperate by the time needed to do said goals.  For instance, "naptime goals" or "morning goals" or "out of the house goals".  I don't think I need that but it might be good for me to consider my daily goals in this way to make sure I'm not banking too much on naps.  

Speaking of banking too much on naps, one is awake from a nap now.  My day of 45 minute increments continues.  Happy tuesday!

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