March 7, 2024

March - goals and other misc thoughts

It's currently March!  On March 1st it hailed.  A lot.  

Yesterday the sun was out all day!  

Yesterday I got out on my bike and rode in the hills for almost an hour.

I walked with my friend for an hour in the sun as well.  at 2:30 pm it seemed a good time for a beer in a beer garden but unfortunately the pub didn't open until 5pm.  I'm not sure if I can make the argument that pubs need to open earlier so that mothers on maternity leave can get a midday drink... it's probably not a great idea.  But also, it would have been nice.

Today is Thursday, which means my Rachel weekend is soon over.  This weekend-weekend involves a lot of family.  We are having an afternoon tea for Mothers Day and I've ordered fancy cupcakes which I am very excited about.  

I've had some trouble getting into books this month.  I started Building a Second Brain by Tiago Forte and abandoned it quickly.  

I am hesitant to put more anything into my phone at the moment, and I also don't feel like I have a fully functioning first brain.  The book had some interesting concepts, but like Build The Life You Want I needed to spend a bit more time focusing on it and not just listening while puttering around the house.  I decided to DNF after 2 of 7 hours.

I finally started reading Birnam Wood and I am getting into it but I think it's long... sometimes it's hard to tell how long something is on Kindle but this feels long.  

I should keep reading The Hungry Empire because I bet I will like it but I just don't sit down with a real book often.  I could be sitting with a real book now... but I'm blogging instead.

I completed my March page in my Ashley Shelley Planner:

In summary, I'm hoping March is more of the good things from Feb.
  • More decluttering
  • More writing
  • More exercise
  • More being outside
  • More Vegetables.
My main "goals" are 
  • Buy a Fire Extinguisher - done and under the sink already!  And I threw away some old mats we don't used from under the sink, so that's decluttering as well!
  • Consolidate Digital Photos - I can already tell I don't want to do this and probably wont.
  • Continue Photo Albums - Because I do this all the time I should probably take it off the list
  • Move the babies to their own room for Naps - I am scared of this one.  But it has to be done. I haven't so far because their room is my laundry staging area, but that needs to get fixed too.
I like how Ashley Shelley planners ask what I will say "no" to - and I wrote "doing 2 things in 1 day".  On Tuesday I tried to do 2 things in 1 day and I was an hour late to one because I forgot.  I will continue to try and schedule 1 thing a day.


  1. We have a fire extinguisher, very small, hanging on the wall. And, I also abandoned the Second Brain. I disliked it with passion. But I know people who liked it but it was NOT for me.

    1. Oh I would love to hear more! I mean it's basically a note taking theory right? I didn't really listen long enough to start dissecting the arguments or anything, but I would be really interested in more of your thoughts.

  2. I need to add a "say no to" to my planner/journal thingy. Brilliant!

    I think the pubs should open early on Wednesdays. That fits within your weekend and it's only one day a week, so how much trouble could it cause?

    1. Yes! It could be mat leave Wednesday! Great idea!

  3. I bought some nail polish thinking I would paint my nails for Christmas Day. It is now March and that bottle of nail polish remains unopened. I guess I just want to give you props for even attempting nails. Seems ambitious to me!

    1. Oh - I meant I'm getting a pedicure this month. It's already booked. I was too tired to write "pedicure" at the time. I wish I was a person who painted their own nails, but I am not. I am very excited for my pedicure though!