November 25, 2022

Friday misc - reading and more

This week greats:
  • New Yoga Conditioning class with new friends
  • Overnight in London and meeting London colleagues
  • Writing club at a pub!
Weekend greats:
  • Out to dinner with friends tonight
  • Local Christmas fair on Saturday afternoon
  • Cooking Thanksgiving meal on Sunday!

This week improvements:
  • House is disorganized chaos (for me)
  • Yesterday's dinner was beans on toast so probably shouldn't serve it to the kids again tonight
  • in a Meal planning lull

Reading News:
  • Finished Tranquillity by Tuesday.  Even better than expected.  Thinking I need to buy a copy to refer back to... just wish it wasn't' £20 for a hardback.  I love a paperback.
  • Went on a massive library hold spree after listening to the holiday gift giving episode of "What Should I Read Next"
  • Emailed the library to request more books.  The Cardiff Library has been amazing at ordering me books.  I'm hoping they will get Work Parent Thrive soon


  1. Glad you got to fit in yoga and writing club this week and you have more fun things lined up for the weekend. Are the Christmas fairs up over there already? I know in Germany they probably open this weekend (for the first of Advent).

    Have a lovely Thanksgiving meal with your family :)

    1. Thank you! I've actually missed some of the Christmas markets already - they start so early here!