November 2, 2022

November Goals

November is here!  Yay!

As usual, I've separated my goals into Personal, Professional, Family, Adventure/Fun.  As you can see, the difference between Family and Adventure/Fun is a bit vague, maybe because I'm finding my family more fun?  Perhaps a goal this month will be to find better goals categories?

Barre3 x3
Mountain Bike
Run x2
Blog every day
Schedule a haircut
Schedule a massage

Update Family photo albums & kids albums for October
Take a Family Photo
Date night @home with Andy
Pub with Andy

Go to the bank with Isaac to deposit birthday money
Take Isaac on a big train/plane adventure (already planned - Cumbria on the 12th)
Take both kids cycling somewhere - ideally a pump track
Plan my own birthday weekend
Organize community Play Street
Take kids swimming
Visit a Castle (National Trust or Cadw)

I feel like the adventure list is rather big for how many weekends actually exist in November.  Kids are at such a good age for adventuring.  I know it gets better and better, but I am ready for adventures now.

I also feel that my sport goals are low, but I haven't really figured out how to fit sport regularly into my routine, so for now I want to make sure I'm at least doing all the sports I love once a month.  I'm hoping Barre3 will pick up as the weather turns worse, and I'm looking for a new class to replace running because I am not a hardcore winter runner.

My mission-goals for the month are to eat more nutritious food and to try and maintain calm with the kids.

What are your goals for November?


  1. I do quarterly goals instead of monthly goals, but I'm starting to think I should maybe change that next year. I don't know. I like not having to think about new things every month!

    I think for November my goal is to send out at least one job application a day, enjoy Thanksgiving, write a blog post every day, and walk at least 60 miles with the dog. Can I do it? I'll try!

    1. I've tried to do quarterly goals too but never really got the hang of it. I've read a lot about multi scale planning and making a yearly goals list which is then broken into quarterly and monthly goals... I do have a yearly goals list but I don't actually break it down quarterly or monthly, I just check it occasionally. Which is why I'm probably not doing very well on the list.

      A job application a day is a lot! Good luck! I aimed for two a week last time I was job hunting. The walking and blogging are of course admirable as well :-)

  2. How old are your kids? I LOVED that age where going to the bank was a super fun thing to do. You do have a lot in the adventure/fun category- I'll be interested to see how this month plays out for you!

    1. They're 2 and 4 - I don't think the 4 year old remembers going to the bank as everything was closed for so long during Covid. I think it's a great habit to help kids learn about finances / saving money... plus we can take the train to the bank which will be a huge adventure :-)

  3. Good for you for making a goals list. While I am a list maker at heart (for all kinds of things), I have not gotten into the habit of writing down monthly goals. I think it's a good habit though to keep focus on the things you'd like to accomplish. And getting into a workout routine is hard, so making small changes and letting them become habits is a great approach.

    I don't have kids, but I love your adventure list. :)

    1. Thanks! I know my workout routine will come back - I used to be way into fitness but pandemic and kids and new job have kind of stunted my progress. My adventure list was also a lot bigger when I lived in the pacific northwest... Welsh family adventures are somewhat smaller than PNW amazing adventures. However they do have more castles...

  4. First time reader, popping over from San's site for NaBloPoMo.
    I loved October, but November is scaring me a bit because...I just don't feel ready to jump into holiday responsibilities. My husband is travelling quite a bit, we have a short weekend trip planned, there's a birthday...and then all the holiday things to start getting organized. I know it will all be great, but I do wish I could rewind the calendar a few weeks and spend a bit more time in October. It has been absolutely BEAUTIFUL where I live (East Coast of Canada) - warm, lovely colours in the changing leaves I also know that November means shorter days and maybe, but hopefully not!, our first snowfall of the season.

    1. Hi! Fab to see you here - I'm so enjoying this NaBloPoMo and meeting other Bloggers. I found your blog off the ShuBox and have been reading for a while - thanks for saying hello!

      I totally hear you on the busy season. For us October has been so busy with lots of birthdays that November should hopefully be a bit more relaxed. I also love the leaves changing colours and if the east coast of Canada is like Maine/New Hampshire then I imagine it's gorgeous!

  5. Hello! Oh wow, I wish "visit a castle" could go on my November goals list, but I will have to make it more of a five-year goal. (I live in the U.S.) Haircut is on my list for November as well, and I have been thinking about getting back into barre3. We'll see!

    1. Yes it's a very Wales-centric goal, I am lucky as there are so many castles here. Good luck with the haircut. I love Barre3 when I do it and have a yearly online subscription but I just don't do it very often... Good luck!

  6. Hi, I am also new through San's NaBloPoMo list. So nice to meet you. I am so impressed by your list. My lists are always in my head only but maybe I should make it a habit to write things down more. Even though I have the feeling the more I want to do and put in the calendar the more overwhelmed I get and not do any of it in the end. Getting started on Christmas presents would definitely be on my list if I made one.

    1. Nice to meet you! I went through a bit of a "get it out of your head" kick last year and I think it's made everything a lot better. This year I've told my husband he needs to do Christmas gifts... it might be a disaster but I just don't feel like I have time or energy (or inclination) to help! I do birthdays so he can do Christmas...?

    2. Sounds like a good plan to me. My own husband would drive me crazy though since he always gets organized on the last day.

  7. Those are some fun goals. i like your categories. It is similiar to the way I. think about my goals. I usually set up a huge list at the beginning of the year and then have a stronger focus on each category throughout the months. I also believe that having lots of things on you list – like adventuring is only a good thing as you can choose what to do and when some doesn't get done well than priorities have shifted.