November 17, 2022

Yoga and other adventures

I did Yin Yoga last night.  I am not a person who meditates, and I don't think I find meditation helpful.  I know studies say that 60% or 80% have improved lives through meditation, but that means 40% or 20% don't, and I think I'm in that group.

However, yoga is great.  Yoga is moving and thinking/not thinking.  The setting was great, the studio was great, and just being back on a mat was great.

During my yoga class I solved my scheduling problem... I'm not going to worry about it.  I'm going to fill each week with things I want to do, and if something doesn't fit then it goes in the next week.  I'll plan with people who are keen, and let other people drop if the plans are too hard to maintain. 

This morning the little was a total mess, she's not had enough sleep recently and she was oh-so-tired.  When we got in the car to go to nursery the fan didn't work - it's been on the fritz for ages but has now died.  This wouldn't be a problem in the summer, but with darkness and cold and foggy windows I couldn't see anything and couldn't drive.

We all headed back into the house.  Littlest continued to lose the plot.  Andy took big to nursery on his bike.  My mom took little on a walk so I could get some work done.  Then we had eggs and kimchee on toast (little just had eggs on toast).  She went for a nap at noon and is currently snoring at 2:30.  

I used the free time for a bit of me time, I finished all the October photo album pages for the kids and the family. I'm getting through my November goals - October is a weird month because it feels like time to give up and count down to the new year, but actually there's so much of the year left.  Now, in mid November, it really fees like the year is winding down... but we still have 10% of our time left.  

If the year was an average lifespan then November 17th is the equivalent of being 70 - plenty of time left to make plans/goals... or run for president?


  1. Ugh. I am still so far behind on handling photos. I'm picking away at some Christmas prep, and I'm hoping once I feel like I have that under control a bit better, I'll dive back into tackling photos. It's a good problem to have, I guess - lots of great pictures from a big year for our family...but it's also a lot of work!
    I've added a check box into my planner for stretching/yoga. I'm aiming for 3x/week (that makes a habit according to Laura V, right?!), and have NO minimum time. Yesterday I did a long child's pose and gave myself a check mark...

  2. Ha, well that's a new perspective! When you put it that way, there's still a lot we can do with this year, instead of just waiting for it to be over.
    Sounds like you got a lot out of that yoga class!

  3. I've been doing yoga every day in November and it's been so nice. I am glad you were able to solve your scheduling problem. Amazing what a little stillness and gentle movement can do :)

  4. I wish I could do yoga but a recent surgery = no yoga (I can't put any pressure on my shoulders). Sigh. I'm stiff, too, and would appreciate the opportunity to decompress a bit. I'll just have Yoga Envy over here.