November 24, 2022

Thanks for Thanksgiving

In the USA, Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday – it's like Christmas without presents. Everyone is off work, you get a four day weekend, and you get to see family and friends and eat food. And do Turkey Trots! And other Thanksgiving sports!

In the UK, it's a bit less exciting. Today I was in work. I ate sushi for lunch. I had scrambled eggs, beans and toast for dinner with the kids. In the evening I made it to the pub for my writing club. I am thankful for writing club.

The kids brought thanksgiving books to nursery today – Thanks for Thanksgiving is my favourite. 

Isaac brought it in to share with his friends. Isaac made me a Turkey with feathers and Lilah made a turkey handprint, although I'm not sure whether nursery did that for everyone or whether it was just for me because I so clearly love the holiday. I am thankful for a good nursery.

This morning we talked about what we are thankful for. Isaac told me he was thankful for friend that are kind and also for books. I said I was thankful that we all have our own beds and that our beds are nice and have blankets and pillows. Lilah said “Thank you for the food!” which is what we say before eating – I'm not sure the two year old really comprehended the conversation. I am thankful for good conversations with my kids in the morning.

We are having a thanksgiving meal on Sunday. I'm working on the menu now - I am definitely making pumpkin pie, but I always have trouble with the thanksgiving desserts. I see lots of things I want to eat but nothing I want to make. I don't like knowing how much sugar is in those pecan bars, I just want to eat those pecan bars. I am thankful for pecan bars.

My mom reminded me that we're only having 5 people for thanksgiving... I may have over planned the menu. I don't mind – I am thankful for leftovers.


  1. I'm thankful for leftovers too! I agree, Thanksgiving is a really fun holiday. i hope your Thanksgiving on Sunday is fun, and I think you should definitely have pumpkin pie and pecan bars!

  2. Thanksgiving/Christmas leftovers are my favourite (remember Ross in Friends?!)!!

  3. I love that you're keeping the Thanksgiving traditions alive while living abroad :) It's a little piece of home... so glad your mom is there with you.

  4. A week off! Schools get a week off now for thanksgiving. Which is too many days for parents but probably not enough days if you're a teacher. Luckily i wasn't trying to work at tge same time