November 28, 2022

On Parenting, Resilience, and Expectations.

 Did I think I would be the kind of parent who brought their trouser-less two year old to a mechanic to get a flat tyre fixed?

No, I did not think I would be that kind of parent!


Today at work I completed a "strengths profile". My strongest strength was "Organization" and my weakness was "Resilience"  It also pointed out that I think I am funny and that I've learned to have attention to detail but that doesn't come naturally to me.  So either the strengths profile has been reading my blog or the 160 questions did manage to provide some insight.

Also, we now have a non-flat and non-temporary tyre.  It cost £19.50 to repair.  I didn't know you could get 30 minutes of mechanic time for under £50. 


  1. I am pretty sure that taking a trouserless tot to the mechanic counts as resilience! Hooray for a new tire!

  2. Haha, the stories you'll tell your kids... is she also wearing her boots on the wrong foot?