November 29, 2022

November Goals - How it went

Time to review November goals!  I'm pretty sure I'm not going to accomplish any goals tomorrow - but if work lets of off early I guess I could go for a run or a swim...?  

It was a pretty good month:

Barre3 x3 (I did 2 of 3, but I also did 2 yoga classes, so I give myself a ✔ )
Swim (nope)
✔ Mountain Bike (yes!  I love my new ladies MTB group!) 
Run x2 (no.  Zero running. I'll run again in April.  It's very cold and very dark)
Blog every day (almost! 29/30.  97% is good enough for a )
✔ Schedule a haircut (Actually got a haircut!)
✔ Schedule a massage (Scheduled for my January birthday)

✔ Update Family photo albums & kids albums for October (done!)
✔ Take a Family Photo (We took some, but no good ones, so this will stay in Dec goals)
❓ Date night @home with Andy (I'm not sure... I know we went out?  I think our at home time was mostly tired.  We did start watching tv again sometimes.  I give this one a 80% pass?)
✔ Pub with Andy (yes!)

Go to the bank with Isaac to deposit birthday money (nope)
✔ Take Isaac on a big train/plane adventure (yes! Cumbria trip)
✔ Take both kids cycling somewhere - ideally a pump track (Yes - took the kids to the pump track for toddler takeover)
✔ Thanksgiving (yes!)
Plan my own birthday weekend (nope) 
✔ Organize community Play Street (yup)
✔ Take kids swimming (yes!)
✔ Visit a Castle (I think a roman ruin counts)

it's time to write out my December goals.  Next year I'm going to do more multi-scale planning. I'm not sure whether to break down goals/objectives seasonally or quarterly.  The finance person in me likes Jan-March, April-June, July-Sept, Oct-Dec.  Very Q1-Q4.  But also, I make seasonal fun lists... and the seasons don't match the quarters. I know, these are tiny conundrums on an otherwise exceptionally over planned life but it's what I think about.

Also, I am aware that this month's "goals" are not really moving me *towards* anything.  I think of them as lists of what a person who enjoyed their month will have done.  I guess sometimes enjoying a month is a good enough goal - I moved pretty hard towards personal/professional development in Spring/Summer 2022 so a fall of enjoyment and adventure may just be the ebb and flow of goal setting.

Do you make goals?  How often?  Do you review them?

Also, here are some happy kids at the jump park:


  1. Wow! It looks like a really successful month! I love reading about people's goals even though I am not disciplined enough to set/achieve my own.

  2. "I'll run again in April." This is ME! I hate running outside when it gets cold - and icy, which is dangerous. I have been doing a few very short runs on the treadmill, but I'm not a fan. Sigh. Such is living in a cold climate.

    I make annual goals - lately, a number matching the year. So next year I'll have 23. I do have lots of "lists" I maintain during the year, and some of those could theoretically double as goals? I consult my goals list occasionally; once a month?
    I do technically also have weekly goals, I suppose, in my planner. Things that I want to get done, but I don't usually frame them mentally as "goals" per se, but they are to a large extent! Somehow calling them a goal sounds a bit nicer than a "to-do?"

  3. That seems like a very busy November indeed. Well done!

    I do quarterly goals and that has always worked for me, but I'm starting to wonder if I should add on a monthly goal or two just to make sure I'm not in a goal rut. I need to spend some time thinking this through because the new year and new goal setting aspirations are coming so soon!

  4. I love that you give yourself a tick when you mainly meet the goal, progress over perfection, right? I go off and on with my goal setting. I try to make quarterly goals, but I've fallen off the wagon and forgot to do that in October so now I'm just winging it.

  5. I think you did great... it's hard to always anticipate how the month will play out, so these are all great accomplishments. I make very lose goal lists, but don't really keep track LOL although I am an organizer/planner at heart.