October 27, 2022

Fall is my favorite season but darkness is not my favorite view

I love fall.  Leaves changing colors.  Pumpkins.  Thanksgiving! Halloween. Candles. Scarves.

The one piece I dislike is the darkness.  I realized this is the worst week for darkness - the clocks will change next week and I can get one more glimmer of morning light before resigning myself to a dark winter.

I used to notice it when I rode to work every day, leaving at the same time but the sun being lower and lower in the sky each day.

This is the first time since fall of 2019 I've experienced this season while employed.  I started maternity leave in September 2020 and was entirely WFH (and only 3 days a week) in October 2021.

The once weekly commute means the darkness feels like it set in very fast. 

Andy is unfortunately ill with ??? winter disease.  The joy of a 5 year journal is I can tell we were all ill last year, and I am definitely less ill this year.  Andy was ill this week last year and is ill this week this year.  It will be interesting to see if this is just illness week?


  • Hope kids are better and can go to nursery
  • Put away the piles of laundry around the house and dream of a dryer
  • Make a vegetable laden dinner including mushrooms and aubergine
  • Try and maintain focus in work and avoid unproductive task switching (I have set up my calendar as a time block today, so hopefully that helps me get through the list better)
  • Arrange C&A sleeepover / social - our weekends are full but fun.

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