October 13, 2022

Reading slow down

 I'm in a bit of a reading... slow down.

I'm at nearly 50 books for the year, which is pretty insane when I consider that I didn't read for 10 years between college and 2021.

I think I'm in an audiobook rut.  I have a bunch of autobiographies which I put on hold ages ago which are now coming through and I am just not that interested right now (Minnie Driver, Viola Davies... even Molly Shannon which is supposed to be hilarious!)

I started Atlas of the Heart but it was a bit too much and I decided not to listen any more.  Maybe it made better reading?

I'm plodding through I Miss You When I Blink which I am enjoying but also it's short stories so I do want to read it properly... I don't want to do any skimming.  And I really only want 1 or 2 short stories a night.

Maybe this is an October lull because it's a busy time socially/professionally?  Maybe I realize people are tired of me saying "I read this great book...."?  Maybe I also need to diversity my new holds a bit, after all these arrived the same week:

Also, I've been number 1 for a lot of these books for a while:

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