October 9, 2022

Sunday Report

Sunday involved everything good about at home life:

Garden time, duplo in the lounge, a walk to the park with our friends, Lilah learning some fundamentals of bike repair:

The toddler did amazing at sleeping on her first night here.

We managed a Sunday Roast - it turns out my kids love gravy.  Isaac even eats chicken with gravy.  I am watching my children British-ify before my own eyes.

Evening was more beer and chats.  We've really missed real people.  It's weird catching up on three years in one go, and made even weirder when those 3 years have involved such... weirdness.

I didn't check email all day because life was too interesting.  Need to make that an aim/goal for more weekend days or weekdays. I still love the idea of internet free time 1 day a week and 1 week a year (or something like that... is is 1 hour a day, 1 day a week, 1 week a month, 1 month a year?  That seems unlikely)

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