October 26, 2022

Storing Kids Artwork

When Isaac started nursery I saved all his art.  He came home with wonderful things, like painted ladybirds and finger print flowers

I quickly realized this pile was unsustainable, so switched to hanging pieces I really liked on a board in his room.  I also take photos of every piece of nursery art and put those photos in their photo albums, usually lumped together by month 
(Lilah - September 2022 page)

I throw a lot of art out after I take the photos, but I can't always get rid of everything, and I don't really think one "should".  Recently I made each kid their own art album, with is a cheap wilco binder with 25 poly pockets.  I put all their art in this, and have decided they can go through and keep whatever pieces they like the most.  

The albums were a pretty immediate hit.  Lilah almost immediately broke one of her pieces of art, so that went in the bin, but my hope is that this keeps the kids interested in their art and maybe even gets them to decide what is worth keeping and what is not.

I know I'm only 4 years into the art thing, but I am also aware that's somewhere between 25% and 50% of the amount of time kids will bring home art!  Isaac also has a large framed art display of his first year of nursery.  Lilah... doesn't.  Perhaps the kids art work project will teach them that life isn't fair.

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