October 12, 2022

The Biggest Little Turns 4

Biggest little turned 4 today.

In the morning we went to St. Fagans to look at old things and sheep.

We spent a lot of time following these two around on their rambles:

We went to the bakery and limited ourselves to bread and bara brith and later some cheese scones.

K and I stayed at the play park with Isaac while the boys took the girls home for their naps.  

Isaac took a nap too when we got back.  Everyone was up by 4 for a tea party and cake!
Cake instructions as per Isaac - "Triangle Dinosaur 4 layer rainbow chocolate cake".  Umm... nailed it?
Early evening was toys and presents and playing in the house.  Isaac was still up reading at 8:30pm... probably because he doesn't usually nap.  Poor visiting 18 month old has caught her first cold and is quite sad and tired.  We are all crossing our fingers for good sleep.

This holiday is the best.  Holiday at home is the best. Holiday with friends at home is the best.  

Tomorrow is swimming (hopefully! Pending sleep and cold!) and then girls brunch and shopping.  I am very excited.  

Happy birthday this dude.  He is the best

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