October 20, 2022

The Next Thing // Looking Forward

I'm a bit obsessed with the next thing.  I was so looking forward to starting my 90% time role, and taking alternate tuesdays off, and being in work more.  I do enjoy it, but now I'm already thinking about the next thing, 80% time, being in work less.

I fantasize a bit about what my days will look like when Isaac is in school.  I have nursery now at 4 days a week, but what will 5 days of school be like? Could he do 5 days of school now? Is there another school or nursery that would be better?

I look foward to transitions, but that means I'm always looking for the next transition.

I am really enjoying the 90% time, but I miss having more time with the kids.  I don't regret working as much as I did when the kids were super little.  They're still so little but now they're fun little.  Four is great.  Two is great.  Two plus Four is awesome.

The biggest benefit to the 90% time is that Andy and I both have the same amount of time off with the kids each week.  The balance is more important to me than the actual amount.

Regardless of 90% time or 80% time or 100% time, I'm still looking forward to a future where 25% of our take home pay isn't being spent on nursery fees.

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