October 1, 2022

Shopping, Cost of Living, and Food Plans

Today was busy.  7am at the grocery store for a shop that cost £120.  That is an insane amount to spend on groceries.  I could save money if I went back to splitting my shopping - I used to get mad when Andy bought passata at Morrisons because it's so much cheaper at Lidl.  I do need to schedule a Lidl shop, because the passata is so much cheaper, but right now I can barely make to 1 shop.

Waitrose started charging up to £5 for delivery.  We were never Waitrose shoppers pre-pandemic, but because of the free delivery we started shopping there.  The dried goods cost the same as anywhere, but the fruit and veg is noticeably more expensive.

I do remind myself that I'm incredibly lucky that the insane cost of food is more of an administrative/emotional annoyance to me than anything else.  I am also aware that our groceries are more expensive because we buy so many ingredients rather than prepared food - a box of biscuits was still only £1 but my tomatoes were £1.70.

This Week's Food Plan:
Saturday: Indian Takeaway
Sunday: Roast Veg and Salmon (R)
Monday: Falafel Mezze (A)
Tuesday: Vegetarian Tacos (R)
Wednesday: Leek & Potato Soup (A)
Thursday: Roast Mediterranean Veg & Pasta (R)
Friday: Pizza 

I need to up my slow-cooker game.  Will start trolling the internet for slow cooker recipes.  We usually eat more beans, but last week's menu was very bean-heavy.

Here's a snapshot of our food plan from earlier in the month.  Remember when I used to make side dishes?  That was a long time ago:

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