October 30, 2022

Week ahead, week behind

I have been a bit off this week and weekend.  I am very tired and I don't know why.  Time change? Darkness? General meh?  It's a bummer because I have had a lot of fun stuff planned, and I have enjoyed the stuff I've done, but I haven't been much fun to be around for family.  

Luckily I get another week to try and be better / nicer / calmer.

Today we carved lots of pumpkins with our NCT buddies:
We made this pinterest worthy snack spread:
This week Andy is in Bristol overnight on Wednesday so I get a double-double kid nursery day (assuming no illnesses... it's all going around right now!).  I have put in the calendar that I am going to take a bath on Wednesday night.  I am looking forward to this bath.

My run club is on a bit of a hiatus right now, and I don't really have any spare evenings for running this weekend anyways.  I managed a barre3 on Friday morning before work and have scheduled another one in for this Friday. 

Next Saturday is a ladies MTB day with my new MTB buddies so I am hoping the weather stays OK!

Also, clocks went back this week and here is a summary of my experience:

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